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Ready Made Content Sucks?

So does it? Does ready made content suck?

Well to be clear there are some ready made content packages that DO suck. There’s low quality offerings in everything, whether it’s food, cars or content for your online site.

Exact Duplicate

I’m really talking about good quality ready made content.

We’ve discussed duplicate content issues at some length on this blog (see here) – if you buy ready made content that is not unique what can you do with it?

You can, if you wish, post it as is and that’s just fine – as long as the quality is decent (such as we offer in our Hot Niche Packs). Many people do that and it’s quick and easy. But does it give you as much benefit as you’d ideally like?

Probably not.

That’s because when visitors come to your site you need to keep them there. And one of the best ways of doing that is by having a style (a flavor if you will) of your own. You don’t get that just by posting ready made content as is, even if it’s great content.

You develop a style of your own by modifying that content a little bit. There are various ways you can do that and if we have enough people commenting here I’ll create a blog series to teach you how. Don’t think it’s a lot of work though – in many cases it can be as little as 20 minutes to transform ready made content into something really “you”.

Flip it!

As an example, here’s just one way you can do it. Take the central argument of an article and add comments of your own that say why you think it’s wrong – or right if you prefer. Personally I would flip the argument on its head, since I’d have two points of view in one article! Whether your reader agrees with the main point or disagrees, you’ll have content that matches their bias.

In other words they’ll agree with the snippet of content that agrees with them – and they’ll think you’re wise and profound for believing the same as they do!

Concrete example: Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

You could add a short paragraph why it’s not possible to lose so much weight so fast, or why it’s not safe to do so, or what the longer term consequences might be. You could talk about the self-esteem issues that might ensue if people believe they have to lose that much weight that fast and so on. You’d have two opposing points of view in one article, based on the original ready made content!

We’ve had decades of experience selling high quality content to our subscribers. We know that the single biggest mistake they make when using the content is not putting some of their own style – their own flavor – into that content.

Yes, you can use the content as is. But why not do a few minutes’ work and make yourself stand out from the crowd? Why not take that ready made content to the next level?

Starting from quality content is always going to be the easiest way to get started – but don’t think that means you have to finish there. You can use such content as a solid base for your blog.

Think of any editing you do as being like icing on the cake, or the cherry on top. It may not be essential, but it adds a little extra something to what is already good.

And don’t your site visitors deserve that? If you want to make money from those site visitors you’d better give them that icing – the sugar rush is what will make them click your affiliate links!

What do you do? Do you buy ready made content – or ready made sites – and make no changes to them? Or do you add the icing and cherry on top and give your readers a little something extra? Let us know in the comments!

The takeaway here is that it’s fine to use good ready made content and sites as is – but it’s even better if you add to the content and sites and make them truly your own. Fortunately, that’s less work than you might think.

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Duplicate Content part 3


In the video on this I explain why duplicate content can be powerful.

The idea of duplicate content seems to scare people, so we thought we’d demystify the what, where and how. The video is only 11 minutes long and well worth a watch.

People Love Duplicate Content

Although most people seem to think the search engines don’t like duplicate content, the truth is that they actually love it.

But only if it fulfils certain criteria. We talk about those criteria in the video.

Please note also that the examples in the second half of the video, crafting/sewing/knitting, are all fundamentally the same type of content – the type itself is duplicated.

The reason that duplicate content works is simple – people love consuming it! If you have any doubt about that, just consider how many times fans will watch their favorite film, or read a favorite book.

Consider how many times people will listen to their favorite song – every time they “consume” that content it’s a duplicate of what’s gone before.

You can play the video full size if you click on the small squarish icon near the bottom right.

As usual, your comments and questions are very welcome!

If you missed the earlier parts of this series, view them here:

Part 1

Part 2

UPDATE: This blog post (click here) is kind of an unofficial part 4!

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Duplicate Content part 2

In this video (9 minutes) I continue the discussion started in “Google Loves Duplicate Content“.

I’ve done this in video format because I think it works better that way, but also because I am having trouble typing due to a kitchen accident!

I hope you find a lot of food for thought and please do submit your comments and questions and yes, there will be a final post follow up to round out this short series on duplicate content!

View Part 3 here

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Updating Your Content


In a short series of emails we sent out to our subscribers, we discussed how important it is to make the most of seasonality.  We covered questions of monetization, topicality and how evergreen content can make you money year on year.

There’s always a spike in traffic – to all sites – when certain seasons come round and that can turn into a spike in revenue. We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want a spike in revenue!

We covered what to do in the first two emails.

In this blog post we’re going to tell you – and show you – how to take your older content and make it up to date for seasonal trends.

The example we’ll give you can be applied for any season, not just for New Year. With a small amount of thinking this technique will work for any topic, or niche.

The video is only six minutes long.

The six minutes you spend watching the video will repay you many times.


If you want to make the video play fullscreen, hover your mouse over the bottom right corner and click on the diamond shape that will appear (as shown in the still image below).

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Google LOVES duplicate Content!

Did we really tell you that Google loves duplicate content?

Yes we did – keep reading to find out why.

If you’re pressed for time you can listen to the audio version of this post by hitting the play button below.

This is a long post, but you’ll benefit from the information we’re sharing so stick with us!

Before we get to that, if you pay attention to what we’re discussing today you’ll save yourself time and effort in the future – and will probably make more money too!

We know from the questions we get that most people think Google hates duplicate content. They really don’t.


What Google hates is YOU manipulating the search engine results to make profit via Google. Google can only really exist *because* of duplicate content.

Here’s why. If there was only ever one article on any given topic, there would be no need for search engine results. If the answer to any question was only ever on a single web page, Google would have no real advantage over any other search engine. They’d all deliver the same results and Google would not enjoy the stranglehold they have on search engine usage.

Do you think they might want to keep their advantage and enjoy the billions (billions!) of dollars they raise in advertising from their search engine? You bet!

So they have to do something that other search engines are not doing (or not doing well) so they can dominate.

One of the ways they do that is to index everything they can. They take YOUR content and feed it into THEIR machine to make money for THEM.

Here’s where it starts to get interesting. What they’re really doing with duplicate content is two things:

1) Weeding out what they believe is content designed to game their ranking system
2) Choosing which keywords any particular content will rank for!

That’s right, duplicate content can rank but Google will decide which keywords it ranks for. It’s too deep a discussion for this post to explain how Google does #1, but we’ll cover that in the future.


Duplicate content can also be seasonal. I saw a post on Facebook that made me smile because it has a large element of truth in it. The plot of every Hallmark movie is about a career woman who moves to a small town, meets a handsome guy and falls in love. It starts snowing and they kiss – there’s also usually a dog in there somewhere. The end.

It’s kind of funny, because it’s kind of true. I checked the cable listings in my area and there is a 24 hour a day channel that is showing ONLY this kind of movie.

The actors change. The names change. The town changes. But the basic story is always the same. It’s duplicated content wrapped up in different coloured ribbons.

TV stations pay to show these movies. They pay to show them because – here’s the point that counts – people watch them and advertising is sold on the back of how many people watch them.

Hmmm, advertising revenue. Duplicate content. Evergreen content in fact (explained later). Commercial interests serving what people want.

Hmmmm, that definitely sounds like Google to me.


It’s not just TV of course. I checked out my local supermarket (a Walmart company) and they have dozens of DVD’s with movies that are all basically the same. I saw several versions of A Christmas Carol. That’s a timeless movie that has been duplicated over and over. Names change, locations change, story doesn’t.

Then I checked the magazine rack. Endless covers promising the fastest, easiest way to cook perfect Turkey. Even more promising the secret to losing 10 pounds in time for the celebrations.

They’re all selling the same content, because right now that’s the content people are looking for. All they’re doing is wrapping it up in different coloured ribbons.

Use Google to check out a news story and you’ll find dozens (sometimes hundreds and sometimes thousands!) of exact duplicates. News agencies sell stories to various sites who usually publish them without alteration.


Of course only one site can ever be at position 1 on page 1. But there’s traffic to be had from positions 2-10. And here’s something more significant. A search on a different keyword will usually show a different site ranking result.

What might be at position 9 for one keyword could be at position 4 for a different keyword.

Let’s just cover evergreen content for those who aren’t sure what it means. It’s just a way of describing content that is always of interest to people.

Dieting has been something people have wanted information on forever. Next year will be the same. Millions of people will look for information on all kinds of dieting.

There’s already more information on the web and in print than anyone will ever read. But you can be sure even more will be published next week, next year and the year after that. And you can be even more sure that people will keep looking for the latest and greatest diet information.


Dieting is an evergreen topic because people always want information on it.

At this time of year cooking turkey for Christmas is a massive topic. It will be again next year. Nobody is going to read about it in May (almost nobody!). But come November and December next year huge numbers of people will turn to Google to ask the question.

Whose site will give them the answer? It could just as easily be yours, even though this information has been published and republished millions of times.


A question we are asked regularly is whether duplicate content can rank. The answer is yes, it can. There are a couple of things to avoid and a couple of things you can do to help, but the basic answer is very simple.

Duplicate content can and DOES rank, if you know what you’re doing. Google wants duplicate content because they need it. And Google needs it because people are searching for the same things over and over.

Meeting that search demand is something Google cannot do – literally the cannot do it – if you and others don’t publish content as often as you can.

If you want to know the things you can do with duplicate content to improve your chances of ranking, keep watch for our next post on this topic. We’ll tell you how easy it is, once you know the secrets!

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Setting up a Basic, Profitable Funnel

“Funnels” are all the rage these days in the Internet Marketing space, and for good reason – they work! Though the term “funnel” is a newer word, sales funnels are not new at all. Basically, a funnel is a series of steps that a marketer puts into place in order to get the most money out of the lead. A smart marketer will not push garbage on them either. Good products that really help people always end up making you more money in the long run, so it’s really a win/win!

With that being said, today I want to provide you with the “skeleton” of a funnel that is profitable, but not difficult to setup! There are many different ways to setup funnels. Some are more effective than others. There are various reasons to setup various types of funnels, but we’ve found this to be a very effective, simple funnel that is effective for a wide variety of applications.

A Simple, Proven, Profitable Funnel

This funnel is effective in generating the two most important results in Internet Marketing: email subscribers and sales!

  1. Produce something of value that is free and give it away in exchange for their name and email. The more appealing this freebie is, the more profitable your funnel will be, so put some thought and time into this! Find a product you can solve, or a pain you can relieve. A short ebook or report, a simple script or piece of software,  even a free video that reveals some sort of secret… these are all excellent choice, but it really could be anything that would entice people to opt-in!
  2. Send them an email series. Immediately after opting in you obviously want to deliver whatever it is your promised them.One day later check in on them with an autoresponder email… let them know you’re interested in their success. “Have you read the report?” Here are answers to some common questions people have at this point.” Things like this go a long way in starting to build trust, which is very important!Two days after that check in again with an auto-responder email. Make yourself available… “Just reply to this email if you have any questions.” But also provide some sort of new, free info in this email.Two days after that it’s time to sell! The more relevant your offer the more you’ll sell. If you gave away a free report (for example) titled, “How to Rank in Google in 30 Days” and you created a tool that helps them to rank in Google even quicker, or with less time or monetary investment, push it to them at a special discount! You can even push an affiliate product, but get with the product owner and work out a special discount offer. Special discounts and urgency (ie. 3 days only) are very important with any promo… they will seriously increase sales.

    One day later send another auto-responder email telling them that there is only X days left to take you up on the offer. Go into detail as to why they need it an what problems it will solve … and how great it will be when those problems are solved as a result of XYY product.

    One day later send a “LAST CHANCE” email on that offer letting them know it’s now or never!

    After that promo series is done you can add an unlimited number of promos. It’s always good to add some free content mailers between the promos, especially with fresh leads.

  3. Offer those who purchase a One Time Offer (OTO). Find another product that is very relevant to the product sold. It needs to be directly tied into the product sold. An irrelevant or somewhat relevant OTO will not convert. If the product requires credits, offering bonus credit at a steep discount is a great idea. If the product needs articles in order to be successful using it, offering something that will help them to produce articles… things like that. Again, put some thought into this… it’s important!
  4. Put the buyers through an Email Series! It goes without saying that you absolutely MUST collect the name and email of your buyers! They are your BEST leads. Most credible systems, like PayKickStart, do this for you (you just add your autoresponder details and select that option when adding your product).Put your buyers through a similar series as you do your free opt-ins, but you can generally be a little more “salesy” when buyers, since they’ve already shown a certain amount of trust in you buy purchasing your product.

So, the funnel starts with a cold lead opting into a “squeeze page” which is basically just a simple page with a video and opt-in form, that focuses heavily on the opt-in. The funnel ends in the subscribers buying multiple products.

To get people into the funnel promote the freebie offer at forums, get ahold of Internet Marketers with lists and give them some sort of incentive to blast it to their list. Run Facebook ads. Do everything you can to get eyeballs on that squeeze page!

It’s MUCH easier to get people to opt-in in order to receive a freebie, than it is to get those cold leads to buy.

It’s simple, but effective. Give it a shot and make more money online!

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More Money Making Methods

Yesterday we covered a brief outline of some of the fundamental ways you might make money on an ongoing basis.

If you didn’t see that post you can read it here.

One of the other important things you need to do-if you want to keep making money on an ongoing basis-is to be alert to trends.

Every niche has seasonality, but also has trends which occur from time to time where new possibilities surface.

As an example in our own experience we became aware some time ago of the extreme importance of video. At that time very few people made videos simply because they were difficult to do.

We started learning how to make videos for use on our own sales pages and we saw increased revenue as a result!

Beyond that we also saw an opportunity to make video creation easier for everyone else.

That means we noticed a trend, learned to take advantage of it ourselves and then turned it into a revenue stream.

You can do the same in whatever niche you may be involved in!

If you keep an eye on news items related to your niche and check emails of newsletters that you may be subscribed to you can often get a heads up about new trends before the general crowd notices the same.

As we explained yesterday being ahead of the curve allows you to put yourself ahead of the late-comers who join in well after a particular new technique has become commonplace. A little research done on a regular basis and an awareness of developing trends can pay dividends.

But what about having that kind of “trend” research come to you, rather than having to do a lot of work every day?

Personally I find Google Alerts quite useful:

Example Uses:

  • Add your own name to an alert – if anyone is talking about you on the web you’ll find out!
  • Add your product or site name to alerts – you’ll see any discussions about them.
  • Here’s an interesting one, add the name, product or website of your competition. You’ll learn a bit about what they’re up to. If they’re up with the latest trends you’ll find out as soon as Google does!
  • Add in keywords related to your main topic (video creation in the example we mention). Discussions related to that keyword will pop up in your alert notifications.

There’s more you can do, of course, but once you start using alerts you’ll find you get timely information – you just have to act on it.

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How to keep making money online?

We have been making money online, as a group, for something like four decades or more!

In Internet time that is forever! In this email I’d like to go over a couple of the reasons why we continue to make money every month, every year and every decade.

If you look at the principles we will outline in this post you may be able to do the same, as well!

The first thing to be aware of is that nothing stands still. What that means is you have to modify your approach to online business as time, circumstances and people change. Now that is not to say that the changes are necessarily massive, but it does mean that you should be alert to changes when they occur.

As an example we have been emailing you about video creation over the past few months because it is a “big thing” and it is getting bigger every month. It would be foolhardy to ignore that trend and it would be wise to get ahead of the curve with the trend.

Those who are taking action now will see the benefits later. Those who try to join in later will always be playing catch up.

Video is massive because people are now consuming video more frequently than ever before.

There are technical reasons why that happens, such as increased bandwidth and better technology in terms of mobile devices. Whatever the reason behind it, smart marketers are taking advantage of it as much as they can.

In our own business we found that using video increased sales so it was a pretty easy decision to continue doing so.

Another thing to be aware of – and to do – is that you can and should reuse and re-purpose your content, services and products to fit different niches and sub- niches.

For example if you have content and a product to do with weight loss a lot of the core information will be relevant to teenagers wanting to lose weight as well as mothers who have just had a baby.

A mistake that we see many inexperienced marketers make is that they try to cover every niche with a single product.

Targeted focus is more likely to result in revenue!

What you should be doing is re-purposing your content and your products to serve the specific needs of the more niche markets. This is something we do ourselves by creating products that serve a very niche target market from our existing technology.

In that way we get the best use of the technology that we develop but best of all we managed to meet the needs of a larger group of people by doing so.

Another way to continue to earn money on a long-term basis is to take advantage of whatever ranking techniques are working right now. Whatever you have done in the past, even if it works well, may need updating because the algorithm for ranking is something that changes regularly. If you’ve ever created a website and had it rank well you might have found that the ranking slips over time.

Using the latest techniques to bring the rankings back, or get a boost in the rankings, means you have more site visitors which gives the potential for more revenue.
Another way to continue to make money on a long-term basis is to focus on those needs which are evergreen.

There are certain things which people will do today, tomorrow and probably the rest of time. In the off-line world it’s obvious that the need for food is not going away anytime soon and people will be buying food for evermore.

If you look at the type of entertainment that people enjoy, even now, books and music and films are still near the top of the list. These are evergreen offerings.

Do you think people will be wanting to lose weight next year and the year after? They will!

That’s what makes weight loss an evergreen topic. There are many, many more such niches.

In our own business we have seen that there is a clear and ongoing need for content. Most people are busy and don’t have the time to develop as much content as they need all on their own. They need some assistance to help them. That need hasn’t changed in the last 15 years!

We provide tools and services for people to use and generate content more easily than they can do on their own. If you think about what that means, it means that every month and every year new people trying to break into online business are going to need the things that we offer.

If you choose wisely you will be able to offer your products and services to new people every day for a very long time. Particularly if you use the latest techniques, such as creating video, you will be able to reach a target market which is likely to continue growing over time.

Although it can be difficult to choose a specific niche when you’re first starting out it is perhaps one of the more fundamental aspects of online business for all of us.

When you have chosen well you will be able to split your niche into sub- niches that give you a bigger reach on the web and the bigger chance to earn revenue and continue to earn revenue.

Tomorrow we will post part two with follow-up to the information in this one!

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Video Marketing Training

This is the replay of the Video Creation and Marketing Training webinar we ran.

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Ranking With Keyword Titan

You can watch a replay of the last webinar we ran showcasing Keyword Titan. We prove how easy it is to find keywords for ranking in the search engines. There are hidden gems, if you know how to find them. Keyword Titan finds them for you.

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