Opportunity is just around the corner.

Everyone who’s trying to make money online can make more money by doing what works, right? Well, duh!

But every year we see people fail to make money because they don’t do what works.

And in most cases they might even know what they’re supposed to do, but they just don’t do it.

Before I talk about the big opportunity for making money let’s deal with some of the reasons people don’t do what they know they should be doing.

  • Lack of time (or perceived lack of time)
  • Trying to do everything alone, or from scratch
  • Not planning ahead
  • Not knowing how to start
  • Being afraid to try

The solution?

We’re going to offer you a done-for-you solution next week, but we’ll be revealing exactly what you need to do in this week’s series of emails and blog posts!

Quick Pop Quiz

Here’s the thing: Right now if I ask you what big holiday buying season is coming up soon almost everyone could answer correctly. If I ask “how many of you have already created content to generate traffic for that holiday buying season?” far fewer hands would be raised.

Thanksgiving is big business, even in difficult years like 2020. The spend in the US on turkeys alone is well over $900,000,000! That’s almost a BILLION dollars on turkey and not every household even buys one!

Don’t be a turkey!

You don’t have to sell turkeys to make money at this time of year!

You DO have to cash in on the buying frenzy that people tap into year on year.

Even if people are cutting back in 2020, they are still going to be online shopping their hearts out. That’s guaranteed.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Most of you have heard those two terms before. Those are days when people go nuts for sale items. When there are bargains people buy more. The net result is that stores make more money. Those stores can be retail stores or online stores. Even if your sites only get a trickle of traffic normally, you will get more traffic during the buying season that’s just around the corner.

The early bird wins, the lazy bird loses

Anyone who doesn’t yet have content online that taps into the buying frenzy that is going to explode in a few weeks (at the date of writing this post) is going to miss out. Those who prepare today and tomorrow will see higher traffic and better results.  But it takes time and effort, we know. One of the easiest solutions is what we call the Betty Crocker/Ikea solution. Keep reading to learn what that is.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

If you have to start from scratch on almost anything, it will take you longer than having a template, or partial solution already prepared.

That’s true of so many things in life – why would it be different for making money online? It’s not – it’s exactly the same principle. Using a template of some kind will get you to market faster. Obvious, right?

And that principle can be used by companies all over the world to make more money because (random film quote here!) “money loves speed”.

Betty Crocker and Ikea both do a lot of the work for you so that you can make something (a cake, or furniture) without having to reinvent the wheel and need specialist equipment.

They empower you to get your results faster and easier.

Making money online is no different. The same principle that powers Betty Crocker and Ikea can power you to a bigger revenue stream in holiday seasons like the one coming up (and the one after that!).

Watch our for our next email announcing the follow up blog post where we’ll cover this principle in detail and tell you exactly how to cash in!