Copy, Build, Iterate

If you’ve read our previous post you’ll know that we hinted at using shortcuts to generate success – specifically making money online.

Reinventing the wheel is time-consuming, hard work and simply frustrating. So why do it? In this blog post we’re going to talk about how you can tap into the upcoming holiday season(s) to make some money, without reinventing the wheel.

Betty Crocker

We mentioned the Crocker and Ikea companies yesterday. Let’s expand on how you can use their techniques for making money on YOUR websites.

The Betty Crocker company makes a lot of money by selling small amounts of ingredients in ready to make measures. The people who buy their cake mixes “make” a cake (or cupcakes, whatever) but everything is neatly packaged for them. And the people who make those cakes feel like they have done it themselves. They could buy all the separate ingredients, measure them out and get the same result. But it would take more time, be less convenient and for most people the results would be no better.

You can follow a recipe in a recipe book, or you can open a packet that contains everything you need for that recipe. Starting from scratch, how long does it take to make a cake? Using a Betty Crocker mix is always quicker. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Serve a Betty Crocker mix cupcake to your friends and they won’t complain that it took you only 30% of the time and effort to make. They’ll enjoy the result.


If you’ve never heard of them Ikea is a Swedish furniture and homeware company.

Famous for their flatpack furniture, they allow people to buy furniture cheaper than buying custom made. You open the box, follow the instructions and “make” some furniture.

The big selling point is price and convenience.

The furniture is affordable and it’s way more convenient than setting up and equipping a workshop to build your own (or pay someone to build bespoke for you).

Like Betty Crocker, you get a kit of parts, so to speak, that lets you get an end result easier than doing everything from scratch. And the queues in their stores tell you that they must be doing something right!

How does this help you make money?

Ok, so bear with me here because this is the important part. To make money online you have to have a presence online and most of us will go with a website (we’ll discuss social media in a future post).

Building a website with high quality content is like reinventing the wheel. You have to chose a niche, install a theme, configure the theme, get graphics for your site, research content, write content, publish content and then start generating traffic.

It’s a lot of work if you start from scratch.

The solution

The solution is blindingly obvious – don’t start from scratch! If you start with a ready made website you’re already miles ahead of most of your competition. Most of your competition will be spinning their wheels just thinking about where to start. You’ll be published and ready to make money!

A simple truth

Without high quality content on a good-looking website, all the traffic in the world can end up wasted. Right now, today, there is traffic that could be coming to YOUR site, clicking on YOUR offers, making YOU money.

And in just a few short weeks there will be a massive upsurge of traffic across all websites. There will be a massive upsurge of spending. It happens every year. Those who have a web presence can make more money simply by virtue of the fact people will go looking to spend money.

Are you ready?

Do you already have a website online, filled with good content? If so, great! Add more content to it. Try to get some backlinks for better rankings in the future. Look for offers that are likely to be relevant to the holiday season coming up.

But if you’re not ready now is the time to build that site you’ve been promising yourself you’d “get around to”.  You’re not likely to rank on page 1 in just a few weeks, but holiday seasons come round every year. Prepare and publish today for revenue tomorrow. Plant the seed today to get the harvest tomorrow.

“I don’t know where to start!”

The getting started part is always the hardest.

That’s why Betty Crocker and Ikea do so well – they do the “starting” part for you and package everything so you just have to follow a couple of simple steps.

Next week we’re going to offer you an opportunity to get a headstart for the holiday season. And the week after that we’ll be giving you some training on how to customize and build out your site. Watch out for that offer because it will be a stunner.

In our next blog post we’ll take more about how to take a ready made site and add unique content to it – watch for the email with a link to that blog post!