One question often asked about SEO or search engine optimization is about the effectiveness of video. The short answer is video does improve a site’s rankings and traffic. But, the longer answer involves more factors. It’s also worth noting right away, certain tools make video creation easier for SEO. That’s where Instant Video Wizard comes in and helps to deliver results. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using videos in SEO.

Video Prowess by the Numbers

There are several advantages of using videos in SEO. Top among the reasons is video is the most preferred consumer choice for information and entertainment.

Right now, YouTube rules the video realm with 2 billion monthly users. There are more than 500 hours of new content uploaded each minute. People watch 5 billion videos a day on the platform. More importantly, 70 percent of watch time is on mobile devices, with an average viewing session of 40 minutes. (By comparison, the average Facebook session lasts just 5 minutes.) Plus, YouTube is available in as many as eighty languages across ninety-one countries.

All of this, not to mention video on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Obviously, video rules the world of content and content is king.

Now that we’ve clearly established the popularity of video, let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of video for search engine optimization:

Benefits of Video for SEO

  1. Video improves content mix. Long gone are the days of text being the most powerful content. Sure, articles, listicles, and more are still very important. But today, a good mix of text, images, and video are essential. After all, Google does own YouTube and that further proves video is very important to the world’s largest search engine. (By the way, YouTube is the second-most used search engine.) In fact, 80 percent of all internet traffic comes from video, according to Cisco.
  2. Video drives traffic. It’s well-known in the professional industry of SEO video does help to drive traffic to websites. Embedding video on your site will help boost its SEO.
  3. Video earns links. Offering unique and shareable video content will also help a site earn more inbound links. People like to not only view but share video content, including other businesses.
  4. Video helps to improve social presence. There’s a reason Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter alike all program their algorithms to promote video over images and text.
  5. Video improves conversion rate. One statistic which makes video stand out above all other forms of content marketing is the fact video boasts nearly twice the conversion rate. Consumers are about 2x more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video.

Instant Video Wizard (IVW) can help anyone or any business achieve more out of their SEO efforts. Remember, keep it short, be sure to add a transcript and captions, include relevant keywords in the file name — as well as the video title — and include good descriptions and strong tags.

IVW is the single best way to take advantage of the power of video has for SEO. Our procedure in creating and marketing the video is as follows.

How we Get Top 10 Rankings with YouTube Videos

  1. We have an article professionally written based on an actual search phrase. For example, “Benefits of living in San Antonio. Our articles range from 250 to 400 words, are all original and pass Copyscape 100%.
  2. We add the article to the Clients website.
  3. We create a video with voiceover and links back in Instant Video Wizard. Our video intros are much like a press release format. For example, Per Clients name and web address, the leading Real Estate Broker in (their city) article follows.
  4. Using Instant Video Wizards upload, we send the video the Youtube.
  5. Using Instant Video Wizards download, we save the video as an MP4 and then upload it to the clients Facebook and Twitter pages.
  6. Within minutes of doing this, the video appears on page 1 of a google search for the title phrase. The Video Time on the page varies from minutes to days.
  7. If a search is done in youtube for the title phrase, our video will rank number 1 in most cases.

The bottom line in all this is that the video when viewed advertises our client and their web address, which does result in more traffic. Also, the clients like the videos as they can use them in mailers or just simple emails.


Lastly, Instant Video Wizard is a great tool to use in your SEO campaigns.

Dennis Handa
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