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Meet the Prosperative Team…

Jon Leger

Product Design Engineer

Jonathan Leger fell in love with computers and started writing software at eight years old. His first commercial application was released when he was fourteen and he got his first full time job as a software developer right out of high school. After seven years of working in the corporate software industry he decided he’d rather be the master of his own financial future and went into business for himself. Fourteen years and many successes later, he is founder and Chief Product Engineer of Prosperative, LLC, a business coaching company with a software automation and Internet Marketing arm.

Amin Motin

General Manager

Amin’s fascination with computers began in the punched tape era. Having learned coding at school Amin went on to work in the Law and saw how automation could improve efficiency. More importantly, automation with computer software could ensure best practise in handling complex legal matters. Amin went on to create a successful litigation case management system. That system allowed the creation of a new, multi-million dollar law firm. For the last 10 years Amin has been involved in Internet Marketing, particularly in teaching and training marketers of all levels.

Ready to Finally Succeed Online?

Join the many Members who have been with us from the beginning (4+ years) & hundreds of others!

FULL Access for just $97/m!

I’m Jonathan Leger and together with my colleagues we’ve grossed well over $20,000,000.00 dollars in sales online.

Now, we want to help you quit your job and run a successful and profitable online business.

Yes, our businesses make a lot of money, but that’s how it is now. It wasn’t always that way. In fact, in 1998 I was so broke that I couldn’t afford to bring lunch to work. I would eat the peanut butter packets and drink the orange juice that the cafeteria at my job let me have for free.

How things have changed!

How does anyone go from barely scraping by to $20,000,000.00 in sales?

The secret of my success
(and how you can copy it)


It wasn’t easy. From 1999 until 2004 I tried everything! I bought courses from so-called Internet Marketing “gurus” and I built web sites in every possible niche. I tried all kinds of schemes and tricks to drive traffic to my sites to earn me some money.

And I did earn a little bit of money. But it wasn’t until 2004 that I started to discover the formula for running a TRULY successful business online.

Are you like I was?
Do you have to scrape just to get by?

Even if you have a decent job, do you have to work long, difficult hours for some boss who doesn’t care whether you’re fired tomorrow or not?

If you have a great job, does it give you the freedom to travel when you want? To spend time with your family when you want?

I often taken off in the middle of the day to go rock climbing, or catch a movie, or go out to lunch. I take my kids to the park or the playground, or to the pizza place that has the video games they love.

I’ve spent weeks in Paris and London and Rome and Hawaii, seeing the sights during the day and just checking on my online business in the evening. I’ve seen sights like the Eiffel Tower illuminated at night while my businesses continued to earn money in my absence!

My colleagues, Amin and Josh can tell you similar stories of how freedom from a J.O.B. allows them to do the things they love to do.

Is that the kind of freedom you want? I know it is. We all want that.

But in order to have those things, you need to understand the formula for running a successful online business.

It’s not some “secret” formula that some Marketing “guru” possesses and will gladly sell you for thousands of dollars.

No, no, don’t buy that stuff. The formula is simple. In fact, I’ll tell it to you right now:

  1. Find a problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Find (or create) a solution to that problem.
  3. Offer the solution to the people with the problem.

Yes, it’s simple: but it’s not easy!


I hit a lot of road blocks in my search for the right way to execute all three steps of that formula.


It took years of trial and error to get it right!


It took a lot of reading and studying and trying and failing and anxiety and misery and sleepless nights and anger and frustration. But finally, finally, I figured out what I needed to do — and I did it.


Are you trying to succeed online but it’s just not working?


Maybe you’re making a little money, but not enough to quit your job?


Do you hate your job?


I hated every minute of my job! It was such a relief to get out from under that burden.


We Believe In YOU!

Look, we know you’re trying, and you’re trying hard. You don’t lack the motivation, or you wouldn’t be watching this.

You’re not afraid of hard work — you’ve been working hard at this for along time.

You don’t need another “Guru” to sell you some overpriced “method” or “secret formula”.

What you need is the helping hand of those who have learned the hard way what it takes to succeed.

What you need is a team to walk you through each step in the process of creating a successful business online.

What you need is a team to ask questions to when you don’t understand something or run up against a roadblock that you just can’t seem to get by on your own.

What you need is us!


Seriously! If you had thousands of dollars to spend on these gurus’ “secret formulas”, you wouldn’t need their help!

That is why we created Prosperative.com. We want to help people to succeed, just as we’ve been able to succeed.

We want you to have the freedom of time and movement that I have.

We want you to be free of the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.

We want you to spend weeks in Paris or London or Rome or Hawaii or wherever it is you would rather be — seeing the sights in the daytime, and checking on your business at night.

If that’s what you want — and we know it is — then sign up as a member of Prosperative.com.

We Will Show You Every Step Of The Way

It’s super affordable, and it will give you access to our members area where me and my senior staff will teach you every step you need to take to reach your success. And when you don’t understand something about what we teach you, you can ask us directly..

You can ask questions on the forum so that everyone can benefit from the answers, or if it’s something you need to discuss privately with us, you can email us.

This is true one-on-one, hand-holding support and training.


Of course your success still depends on what you do, but it starts with knowing what to do, and how to do it.

It starts with joining us by clicking the order button below.

Ready to Finally Succeed Online?

Join the many Members who have been with us from the beginning (4+ years) & hundreds of others!

Just $97/m!

Client Testimonials

“…no possible way … without Prosperative tools.”

“There is no possible way I could have learned the things I’ve learned without Prosperative and moved ahead without the Prosperative tools.”

Cheryl Jones

“…My total for this month is just under $8000…”

“My total for this month is just under $8000. I have made a few small changes and the results have been huge. I have been inspired to start an email subscriber list, add new affiliate campaigns, and expand my horizons, I guess you could say. While I am super excited, I have a lot more to learn. Just wanted to thank Jon and his forum for giving me the kick I really needed.”

Tim Ehrenkaufer

“…I have never seen a straight forward formula for promotional success like yours…”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in business with a major in marketing. In all of my years of study, I have never seen a straight forward formula for promotional success like yours. [The Prosperative Membership] is a great value!”

Terry Elguera

“…I will never leave this group…”

“You are providing people with real confidence to succeed online. It’s almost to the point where you have to succeed because of the tools, guidance and community you’ve made at [The Prosperative Membership]. Big, big props to you for investing this much effort and resources into making this so awesome. I will never leave this group. Thanks much!”

Ron Leger (no relation)

Tools and Bonuses

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Quickly & Easily generate sales, links, leads & Traffic! now with push-button local business outreach.
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Crank out high quality articles in under 5 minutes with this popular article writing power tool.
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1.7 Gigs of Images

In addition to the high resolution size, you also get the images in 800, 400, 200 and 100 pixels wide. Worth $247!

Money Site Trainer

Watch and Easily Replicate a 6-Figure, 10-Year Internet Marketing Veteran’s Winning Money Site Formula!
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Google Competition Analysis Sheet

Our killer SEO “cheat sheet” for determining how hard it will be to rank for absolutely any keywords.
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Pre-Selling Secrets

Learn The Little Known Secrets That Earned Me a Cool $20,581.92 From Only ONE Affiliate Promotion Of A Seventy-Seven Dollar Product!
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70 Royalty Free Music tracks

716mb of royalty-free music tracks for you to use in your videos and other promotional material.
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133mb of Background Images

A wealth of high quality backgrounds for you to use in your videos and other promotional material.
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Marketing Graphics Collection

Add To Cart buttons, attention-drawing images, guarantee badges, hand drawn doodles & more. Worth $7

Video Clips Collection

159mb of background motion video clips to really jazz up your video presentations.
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Pro Ecover Generator

Create professional covers for all of your digital products with ease.
Worth $120 year

Info Graphics Creator

Create eye-popping infographics for marketing your products and services.
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$1,500 in Super Spun Articles!

These documents are capable of producing TENS OF THOUSANDS (even hundreds of thousands) of HIGHLY unique articles (90% unique or more).Worth $1,500!


In addition to all of these tools and bonuses, you also get ALL NEW TOOLS WE RELEASE in the future as long as your subscription is active!

Member Only Discounts

As a member of our community, we offer you even more savings on services, to save you even more money. Make the most of your membership by taking advantage of the special offers we provide.

NicheJet Authority Sites

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QUALITY Websites that Make you an Authority from Day 1! These are completely done-for-you authority sites that include 100% unique content, high-quality images, premium themes and everything else!

NicheJet Sites

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High-quality, optimized done-for-you websites in over 100+ niches!

These sites are ready to profit from day one and we even get you started with a link building campaign!

The value of the BONUSES and the EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS alone pays for more than FIVE YEARS of access!

You are fully covered. We take all the risk and give you a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’re so confident that you will love Prosperative, that we’ll process a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied!

That means there is absolutely NO RISK on your part!

Just place your order, take a look at the video content provided and if you see the incredible value, you’re all set. If not, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll process a full refund, no questions asked!

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Join the many Members who have been with us from the beginning (4+ years) & hundreds of others!

Only $97/m!

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