Nobody can say that 2020 has been an easy year so far.

If you want to make the most of what’s left of it – and maybe increase your revenue at the same time, keep reading.

With country and regional variations in response to the current situation there are lots of uncertainties for everyone.

Some things are pretty much assured though.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are still going to be the big holiday seasons.

Even if people can’t have large gatherings, the holidays will still roll round like clockwork.

Another thing that is pretty much guaranteed is that online shopping is going to be huge – again.

People will be ordering online in massive numbers.

And they’ll be looking online for guidance for what to buy, where to buy it, the best deals, ideas for celebrating the holidays safely and more.

Ideas like what?

Quick example for you: I was alerted by email today to a new tech product (well, several actually but one really stood out to me) that is hard to get in the shops. It’s only just been released. But it’s available online with delivery in just a couple of days. It’s the kind of thing people buy at this time of year – but only if they know about it and where to get it!

Guess what I did when I got the email? I clicked through to learn more. And yes, I’m buying it!

If you haven’t yet published content to target holiday buyers you still have time.

But you really need to take action immediately.

Publish content, as much as you can. Some of it may stick, some won’t.

The truth is you don’t know which piece of content will work so you need to publish lots of it.

Post one article or post ten articles. One gives you 1,000% more chance of succeeding – you already know which one it is!

What should you post?

That depends on the nature of your blog, of course!

And if you already have a subscriber list you should be talking to them about the things they’re interested in.

Is it already too late?

No, if you publish now and keep publishing as much as you can between now and the end of the year you’ll get an uptick in traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of online revenue, but it’s worthless without some content to send it to.

The more content you have to keep your visitors engaged and informed, the better your chance of making some money.

What kind of content?

Here’s a simple rule: post quality content that you would enjoy reading yourself, if you were searching on the topic.

Don’t skimp on quality. It’s false economy.

Rinse, repeat.

You’ve heard that before. In this context let me explain something pretty cool.

Next year, around this same upcoming holiday season you can refresh your content and make it new again.

Get a boost in the search engines by doing that! 

Magazines and TV shows have been doing this for years and not just for holidays.

Gardening magazines and shows give advice for getting ready for Spring – every year!

Dieting magazines always have articles about losing weight after Christmas – every year!

Do you really think they write a totally fresh article every time?

Many of them will edit and recycle the basic content and people absolutely love it.

You can do the same. Whatever efforts you put in right now you can also leverage next year. Every minute you spend creating great content right now will repay you next year and the one after that.

The holiday seasons are going to come round at the same time every year. If you don’t take advantage of them this year (there IS still time!) at least prepare in advance for next year!