Did you know that selling content is one of the best ways to start and grow an online income?

Not only are tutorials, information products, and courses are hugely popular, but as a July 2018 article in Forbes Magazine pointed out, experts expect the online learning market to grow to $325 billion by the year 2025. Course and information products can be a powerful and accessible way to make money online.

While many online marketers dismiss information products as being ‘old-school’ and too saturated, as the figures above show, people are still buying and will continue to buy information products and training.

If you can provide people with step-by-step actionable content that solves a problem, you are well on your way to having a sellable asset that can provide an income for years to come.

As a six-figure content creator and online marketer, the bulk of my income comes from creating and selling training, courses, and information products.

As a six-figure content creator and online marketer, the bulk of my income comes from creating and selling training, courses, and information products. And in this article, I want to share some tips and strategies for running a six-figure content creation empire.

Are you ready to profit from selling information products? Here are some essential insights based on my own experience:

Put an exciting twist on a proven concept.

My first information product was a training product for self-publishers. It came out it in 2012, when publishers and authors were first starting to realize the potential of electronic self-publishing. It was one of the first training products to provide actionable content for self-publishers, as the training focused on free tools offered by Amazon that publishers could use to promote and market their books. 

This product took a popular concept, helping authors get more readers, and put a new twist on it by focusing on the emerging Kindle marketplace. And, it sold consistently for years until it was retired about a year ago. When I released this training, I had no list and no relationships with affiliates. It became popular by word-of-mouth and got the attention of affiliates over time.

Don’t be afraid to tap into popular trends and new and emerging technologies.

For example, three years ago, I released another training, one of the first products that revealed how to profit by publishing ‘low content ‘ products like journals, planners, and more. Today, this is a massively popular category of self-publishing, and product and course creators are selling templates, training, and tools in this popular niche at a brisk pace. 

In addition, I have been able to expand my offerings in this area and provide follow-up products covering: workbook publishing, planner publishing, card deck publishing, and more.

Reach out to your competition.

You know one of the best ways to find buyers when you are just getting started? O.P.A.- or other people’s audiences. And, especially if you have something new and fresh in their subject area, they are more inclined to listen.

When your product is ready to release, compile a list of people in your niche: product creators, bloggers, and anyone who has an audience in your niche. Think and write like a copywriter, and when you reach out to them, include the benefits and actionable results your training can produce.

Don’t be afraid to leverage your real-life experience.

Before I started selling training online, I was a high-school English teacher, among other careers. I applied my skill-set as a teacher to research, organize, and publish high-quality, comprehensive training. My previous skills and experience has helped me create dozens of high-quality, comprehensive training products.

Don’t discount your skill sets from your ‘real-life’ careers, jobs, and hobbies. 

The knowledge you possess is valuable! Selling content, training, and skills is a lucrative way to make money online. Take you first steps toward creating a sustainable online income by creating actionable content that helps people and solve problems.

Want to get started?

Amy HarropAmy Harrop is a six-figure product creator, teacher and trainer. She has created dozens of products, trainings and courses, and loves helping people create, promote and monetize content. 

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