Billing Policy

The following Terms of Use constitute our Billing Policy and apply to ALL our customers:


All charges are shown in US Dollars. Payments are to be made in US dollars. We accept the following types of payment:

* Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) via PayPal.com and Stripe.com
* PayPal.com

Subscription payments in Paypal require a credit/debit card as a backup funding source in your Paypal account. No direct payment via Paypal is available and all subscriptions must be created using the purchase button on the sales pages.

All subscription payments are due on the Account Statement Date. The Account Statement Date is the anniversary of the date the account was first activated and charged.

Recurring charges will be paid by Paypal / Stripe automatically, until such time that you cancel your account in accordance with our Billing Policy in the TOU.

Accounts that are past the due anniversary will be automatically suspended. Your login will be suspended until all past due and unpaid balances are paid.

Billing Cycles (Terms)

If you wish to cancel your account, you should do so directly in your Paypal account immediately prior to the next subscription payment date to ensure maximum continuous service. Immediately on cancelation your account access will be suspended. If your subscription covers future usage periods and you cancel, you will have to contact us to ensure that you can continue to login for the period you have paid for. You can contact us at www.askjonleger.com/support.

All additional features added to an account are charged monthly. Additional items are non-refundable.

Account Renewals

In order to insure uninterrupted service to your website, all plans will automatically renew at the end of the plan's Billing Cycle. Plan renewal charges are based on the prevailing rate on the date of renewal according to the service selected. Plans are renewed for the same billing cycle. If you wish to cancel your plan before plan renewal, please refer to the Cancellation section below.


We do not mail paper invoices or statements. Your payment statements can be viewed from within your own Paypal / Stripe account. *

Credit Card Chargebacks

A $25.00 chargeback fee will be assessed for each credit card chargeback received by TheBestSpinner.com.


Your subscription will automatically renew and Paypal / Stripe will automatically send annual payments until you cancel.

In order to cancel service, you should do so through your Paypal / Stripe account, or you can contact Customer Relations Team, Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, at www.askjonleger.com/support/

Please be aware that there are no pro-rated refunds after the first 30 days of service.

Cancellation requests must be received by us at www.askjonleger.com/support/ a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the end of your Billing Cycle. Cancellations submitted later than this time may result in automatic renewal of your subscription. Cancellations become effective on the day processed by us. We are unable to cancel your account effective for a future date. We will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us at www.askjonleger.com/support/ as soon as possible.

We do not monitor, and will not automatically cancel,your subscription. No notification of annual renewal will be sent and you should keep a note of when your subscriptions fall due to avoid any bank charges for lack of funds.

Cancellation of services does not relieve the customer from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account.

We reserve the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason we considers appropriate.

Refund Policy

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you require a refund, submit a support request via our support desk within 30 days of purchase date.

The support desk is at http://support.prosperative.com/

Credit Card Disputes/Chargebacks

Because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, we have a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a payment is subject to a fine, suspension and account termination at our discretion. A charge of $25.00 per chargeback will be assessed to all accounts that receive a chargeback.

Billing/Price Changes

Our policies and prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes become effective immediately for new subscriptions. Existing subscriptions continue at the rate in effect at the time the subscription was created.

If, for any reason, you cancel your subscription and wish to renew in the future, you will have to pay the rate effective at the time of creation of the new subscription. Previous subscription rates will not be offered to subscribers who have canceled.

If Paypal / Stripe cancels your subscription because of expired credit/debit card we may, at our discretion, offer you a new subscription at the same rate as your canceled one. In this instance you should contact the support desk at www.askjonleger.com/support/ with full supporting information, including the original Paypal subscription number and the date of and reason for cancelation.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about this billing policy, please contact us using the details set out below:

Support desk: Support