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SynThesis from Prosperative

Unique Content For Pennies!

No need to pay $15+ for a unique article – SynThesis offers high quality unique articles for just a few cents each. Forget spinners and spammy writers, generate 100% unique articles at the click of a button!

Created using cutting edge AI technology, the high quality unique content is perfect for all your needs.

SynThesis is…

The easiest content creation tool ever released to the public!

High quality, unique content at the push of a button – your dreams have just come true!

Ranking in Google requires a constant stream of high quality, unique content.

SynThesis creates the high quality, traffic generating content that Google demands – on your choice of topic at just the push of a button!

Crank out traffic pulling content with ZERO effort with SynThesis!

Watch the short video at the top of the page to see just how easy it is to create unique content with SynThesis!

This is the highest quality I have seen produced by AI!

This an absolute game-changer…I know this phrase has been used to death, but this tool truly deserves this title!

Michael Bannert

SynThesis can produce unique content 15-20x faster than even experienced writers!

Want to work 15x harder or 15x smarter? No-brainer, right?

SynThesis works cross-platform so whether you use a Mac or a Windows machine, you’re covered!

In just minutes you can crank out high quality content for your sites, social media, YouTube videos, ebooks! And why not create an extra revenue stream by selling the articles you create!

Unique Content By Clicking A Button!

Totally taken aback … this has opened up new opportunities for me … thank you

Ishrat Pasha

NEW! Scheduled content creation AND publishing!

SynThesis now has a new feature that is absolutely incredible – you’ll love it!


Set up scheduled content creation and SynThesis will go to work for you – even while you’re asleep!

And your new, unique content will be posted to your blogs without you having to lift a finger!


This is totally a game-changer.  In literally minutes, with SynThesis you can now set up creation and publishing of high quality content for the next year! Nothing could be easier than using SynThesis!

Easy to use!

SynThesis is the simplest way to create unique and high quality content.

How simple? Enter your keyword and hit ‘GENERATE”

Nothing comes close to the ease of content creation with SynThesis.

Auto-publish to your blogs!

SynThesis allows you to publish your newly created articles directly to you own blogs!

Create your unique article with one click then publish your article to your blog with another click!

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Image support!

SynThesis can even add images and YouTube videos into your articles for you.

Give your site visitors rich media to engage them and establish your authority in any niche.

Access to PLR!

As well as the unique, high quality SynThesis content you also get access to over 130,000 PLR articles AND access to content from Article Builder (for personal use only)

All included at no extra cost to you!

Free Agency License!

Some tools charge you extra to allow you to sell what you create.

Not SynThesis!

included agency license allows you to do whatever you want with the unique SynThesis content you create! That means you can sell the articles to create an extra revenue stream, if you wish!

Here are some sample articles created entirely by SynThesis!


self esteemSelf-esteem is a person’s personal opinion of their worth. Self-confidence encompasses both physical and emotional states, including happiness, fear, pride, fear, shame, and triumph. The more positive one’s feelings are, the better their self-worth will be. In order to develop good self esteem, it is essential for people to have realistic expectations about themselves. In short, we should expect to be happy with our appearance, be confident and successful, and have positive feelings about ourselves and others.

Developing a healthy self esteem starts with identifying our strengths and identifying our weaknesses. There are many ways to do this. Some examples include having a journal or looking through magazines to see if there are things that make you more confident or happy in life.

Healthy self esteem is not only about thinking positively, but also being positive and being happy about everything in our lives. Having low self-esteem can result from negative events in our life, or it can be caused by our thoughts or our feelings. One can easily become depressed or have low self esteem because of things like abuse, divorce, or death of a loved one. This type of negative event can cause a person to doubt their own perception of themselves and their worth as a person.

We all experience negative emotions all of the time. These negative emotions usually occur when we are faced with adversity. The key to building a strong self esteem is to be able to overcome these negative emotions. Negative emotions can be a result of anger or anxiety, but there is also sadness that can be overcome as well.

In the beginning, having a lot of bad days can be difficult. However, you should try to avoid dwelling on your negative emotions and focus instead on trying to get through them and make them less painful. After experiencing many bad days, you may be faced with situations where you feel depressed or worthless. If you are experiencing depression, it is important to learn about the symptoms of depression. If left untreated, depression can lead to low self esteem.

A healthy diet, exercise, good sleep, and relaxing activities can help improve your low self esteem. The good news is that people do not have to suffer in order to improve their self esteem. Healthy eating, positive thinking, exercise, and sleeping can help you feel better about yourself. If you want to learn more about how you can improve your self-esteem, take a look at some online articles or look in books to see how you can improve your situation. It can be hard, but it is doable.


yogaYoga is an ancient group of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines or practices that originated in ancient India many thousands of years ago. There are several ways to learn about this ancient practice and have an impact on its practice and how it can affect your life. Yoga is one of five Āstika yoga schools of Hindu spiritual traditions.

Many people consider yoga to be a type of meditation or spiritual practice because of the physical aspects of it. A teacher who is well trained in this field will have a vast knowledge of its various styles and how they each contribute to health and wellness. Some people consider yoga to be a form of spiritual exercise. Yoga, while originally derived from Hindu religious practice, has been adopted by other religious groups as a way to reach enlightenment.

Although it may not have spiritual beliefs to speak of, the practice of yoga can provide a way to release tension and stress in a healthy way. There are many ways in which yoga can benefit you. It helps to relieve the stress on your mind and body and has been proven to relieve symptoms of depression. It helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps to maintain a healthy heart.

There are many types of yoga. They include the physical forms that are practiced through poses such as standing postures, lying poses, stretching poses, and more. There are also hatha yoga poses, power yoga poses, and meditation poses.

The mental and physical aspect of yoga is important. It can help to improve your mood and attitude. The psychological effects of yoga can help to bring about a sense of peace and harmony. The practice of yoga can help to increase the ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks to make them easier.

Physical healing has been noted throughout history and yoga can assist with this. It is important to practice regular yoga so that it is not considered a form of exercise only. Some forms of yoga can help with weight loss. When a person practices yoga on a consistent basis, they can become healthier. Yoga provides a way to focus on the body as opposed to the mind. Many yoga classes are taught in health clubs and gyms around the country, so that even people who do not have access to a studio can practice yoga.

OMG…this AI software is legit!  It sounds like a professional wrote it. I am using longtail keywords for each 750 words…I have almost written an e-book while Amin is still talking! Amazing.

Sherry Harris

Yes, there’s even more!


For even more variety you can SPIN your article at the click of a single button!

Powered by The Best Spinner (literally the best spinner on the planet), you’ll get a spun article in seconds, giving you even more variety and content.

One click spinning is included at no extra cost!


(works with English content only)


Whether you have 1 blog, or hundreds of blogs, you can add them into SynThesis.

Every article you create can be published to any of your blogs (or more than one of them) at the click of a button.

Regular publishing of high quality, unique articles is the key to getting good rankings in the search engines!

And with SynThesis creating a unique article and publishing that article is push-button simple.

It’s literally the definition of “no-brainer”!


(Brand New Feature!)

Imagine setting up content creation for dozens of articles AND publishing those articles automatically – all at the click of a couple of button!

Imagine no more – with SynThesis it’s now a reality!

And it couldn’t be simpler. Just use the scheduling tool and in minutes you can have an entire content strategy auto-executed for you for months to come!

Have more than one blog? No problem!

You can set up as many jobs as you like to as many blogs as you like!

(within your credit usage allowance)

Special Bonus

(Time Limited)

Right now when you purchase SynThesis you’ll also receive one year access to Instant Ranking Wizard?

What is Instant Ranking Wizard? It’s a “private blog network” that will help you to rank your sites in the search engines!

Together with unique content, quality backlinks are essential for ranking in Google and the other search engines.

Publishing high quality content in a private blog network is a great way to see your site rankings soar.

Quality links can cost hundreds of dollars, sometimes more. With Instant Ranking Wizard it won’t cost you a cent!

And right now the only way to gain access to Instant Ranking Wizard is with a SynThesis purchase.

What Are People Saying About Synthesis?

This is the highest quality I have seen produced by AI!

This an absolute game-changer…I know this phrase has been used to death, but this tool truly deserves this title!

Michael Bannert

I’ve done a couple of articles with this in a niche that normally struggles for content and mind blown!

Brad Burns

This tool is a God SEND!

Patrick Godknecht

OMG…this AI software is legit!  It sounds like a professional wrote it. I am using longtail keywords for each 750 words…I have almost written an e-book while Amin is still talking! Amazing.

Sherry Harris

WOW !!!

Tom Harrison

Making Money!  I’m all over it! ;))

Bruce Nelkin

Totally taken aback … this has opened up new opportunities for me … thank you

Ishrat Pasha

This is a great deal! Already purchased and
I will use the content for videos!

Stanley Stevens

Best Value: 2,500 Credits

The best value version gives you 2,500 credits which is enough to create about 833 articles (500 words each). That’s insane value! That’s enough content to fill your blog for two years at a cost of 15 cents per article!

Of course you are free to use the articles on your own sites and sell them if you wish! Over $8,000 worth of content with ZERO effort for just $167

Cool, So How Does SynThesis Actually Work?

Creating unique content with SynThesis couldn’t be easier.

Enter your keyword, choose your article length and then hit “Generate Article”.

Sit back and within a couple of minutes your unique article is ready for you.

The quality of SynThesis articles is astonishing, but even more astonishing is how fast you can churn out huge amounts of unique content at the click of a button.

Never be stuck for an article, blog post, social media post again!

Creating unique content and pleasing the search engines doesn’t come any easier than this!

Beginner: 1,000 Credits

The beginner 1,000 credits version allows you to create about 333 five hundred word articles – that’s over $3,000 worth of articles! You can use these articles on your own sites (highly recommended) or you can even sell them!

I’ve done a couple of articles with this in a niche that normally struggles for content and mind blown!

Brad Burns

Your Biggest Problem – Solved

Everyone knows content is king – sure, but not everyone has the time to sit and write dozens of articles every week. it has been since search engines first started.

And ever since then finding a way to get cheap content – fast – has been the holy grail of search engine optimization.

Content is everywhere – blog posts, social media post, blog networks, guest posts for backlinks, Twitter, YouTube, reports and more. Nobody can escape the need to produce content and lots of it!

Giving you totally unique content, SynThesis unlock the key to creating your own revenue producing sites, whether as an affiliate, or product creator.

And for ranking your sites (or your client sites) ongoing unique content is essential!

Remove The Obstacles To Revenue

What’s stopping you from making the revenue you want online?

For most people it’s lack of traffic. And since Google and the other search engines already have more traffic than you could ever need, you have to please the search engines.

To keep search engines happy and get your slice of the massive traffic they control, you have to give them what they want.

Search engines are monsters – they devour content every second of every day.

Without regular, fresh unique content you can’t get the rankings your sites deserver.

Without the rankings you deserve, you can’t get the traffic you desire.

Feed the “monster” and siphon all the traffic you can handle.

And traffic = revenue!

After purchase, be sure to check your email

for your download and personal licence key!

Money Back Guarantee

There’s no risk to you because we’re offering a full 30 day money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy and 100% satisfied simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny.

No questions asked.

We’re removing any risk for you and giving you the opportunity to learn how to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SynThesis so 'special'?

For the better part of two decades(!) we’ve been creating tools to help marketers create content faster, more easily and with less effort.

SynThesis is the culmination of decades of experience and represents what we believe is THE easiest and most cost-effective way to produce high quality, unique content.

Everybody needs content to succeed online. And now you can have it at the click of a mouse!

What is the agency licence?

Included in your SynThesis licence is the right to sell the SynThesis articles to your clients.

You can create your own revenue stream providing content for your clients.

Are the articles human written?

No, SynThesis articles are created using a highly sophisticated machine AI and are extremely high quality.

At a cost as low as 15 cents an article you can have a unique article in just minutes. If you prefer to edit your articles before using them it only takes a few minutes.

Compare that to paying $15, $20 or even higher for a writer to create a 500 word article for you!

The savings using SynThesis are massive.

What am I allowed to do with the articles?

Articles that you create with the SynThesis Generate Article function are yours – you can do anything you want with them!

You can publish to your blogs, use the content in newsletters, reports, ebooks – you can even sell the content to other people if you wish!

The included Article Builder and PLR articles are for personal use only, on your own websites.

Is this cloud based or desktop software?

SynThesis is desktop software that you install on your Mac or Windows machine. You are licensed to install the application on as many computers as you own, for your own use.

How do I get my download?

After payment you’ll be taken to a thank you page showing your license key and the download links for Mac and Windows versions.

We’ll also send you a welcome email including that information (check your spam folder if you don’t see the email within a few minutes of paying)

If I run out of credits, what do I do?

Within the license tab you can purchase additional credits if you use up all your initial purchase credits.

I'd like to subscribe to credits as a regular user. Is that possible?

After payment we’ll show you a special offer page where you can subscribe to annual credits. 

With SynThesis and an annual subscription you’ll save money and be able to produce even more content!

High Quality, Push Button Unique Content

Automated scheduling

Grab Yours Today!