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READ FIRST: How To Post YOUR Special Offer!

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READ FIRST: How To Post YOUR Special Offer!
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:11:17 AM »
This board is dedicated to special offers from members of this board to other members of this board (and the visiting guests). With more than 7 million page views from 600,000+ unique visitors in the last 12 months, it pays to post your offers here. (Also, all offers posted here are rotated in the ad banners throughout the forum and in between posts in the threads.)


Forum members with at least 250 posts (Senior Member status) can start threads here for free. Otherwise, you can pay $97 one-time for lifetime Forum Vendor status.

To purchase Forum Vendor status, go to the Actions->Paid Subscriptions portion of your profile. Here's the direct link:

From there click the "Order" button under the "Forum Vendor (Lifetime)" subscription option. It shows a "Duration" of 10 years. The duration is required by the forum software, but your purchase is for a Lifetime Vendor status.

NOTICE: Your status will be updated almost immediately, even if you do not see anything in your "Existing Subscriptions" list after purchasing.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you can request a refund within 30 days from:

Of course, anyone can reply to threads posted here to ask questions about the offer or provide feedback.

Here's some testimonials from happy vendors:

Adding a JLForum Exclusive Special Offer is the easiest and best decision I've ever made resulting in an incredible 8,000% ROI in literally one week! You can't beat this kind of exposure for the price. JLForum members are smart, sophisticated and know a great deal when they see it. With Jon's stellar reputation, I expect JLForum to continue growing and for the marketplace to become the go-to destination for internet marketers. I'll definitely be adding more offers.

Valerie Crisp (kposs)
Extreme Backlink Solution

Hey Jon,

I think it's high time I give you a testimonial for your "exclusive special offers" board.

I've been having a few of my team members using The Best Spinner for quite some time, but I never knew about your forum -- up until I saw your email announcing the opening of this new special offer section. When I saw the trial price for 1 week, I knew that trying it out as a source of advertising for my service was a no brainer. Nonetheless, I never expected much return.

Imagine my surprise when I got got a revenue of $350+ in just the first 5 days when the 1 week rebill had not even kicked in! And these were all just trial orders who were just giving my service a test!

Since then I have had at least 2 clients who have given me repeat business multiple times already and I know will stay with me for a long time.  This is the best money I have ever spent on advertising my business.

THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity Jon!

Asim Bawany  (asimbawany)
Founder, Content Infantry

Jonathan, I want to send you a big thank you for opening your site for special offers.
I sold my first product in 30 mins. with only 29 views and already sold 3 more! This is a great place!

Thank you,
Joni Waseity-Beadle (JoniWBeadle)

The SMF Trader System is in place on this forum.

This means you can rate vendors and leave feedback by clicking the number next to the "Trade Count" shown under their username in their posts.  We encourage you to rate and leave feedback for any vendor you do business with. It helps other members make better decisions about who they do business with.


1. Your offer must be exclusive to members of this forum.
   That means you should offer more, or at a better price, than people can get directly from your website.
2. No adult-related offers can be posted here.
3. No offers that aren't "family friendly" can be posted here.
4. No illegal or questionably legal offers can be posted here.
    Making useless replies to your thread to "bump" it to the top of the board will get your offer deleted immediately.
6. You may post one offer per week at most.

We reserve to right to delete any offer or post for any reason whatsoever. We reserve the right to cancel any Vendor's ability to post here if they violate the rules.  We reserve the right to make any changes to the rights we reserve at any time whatsoever! :)

But no worries. Just be good and play nice and we'll all get along fine.
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Re: READ FIRST: How To Post YOUR Special Offer!
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2011, 07:58:30 PM »
An FYI for vendors about formatting your offer posts:

You can now use the "style" property inside many of the bbcodes.  For example:

(table style="width:500px;background-color:#ffffcc;")(tr)(td) This table is 500 pixels wide with a background color. (/td)(/tr)(/table)

Replacing, of course, the ()s with []s.  The above example looks like this:

[table style="width:500px;background-color:#ffffcc;"][tr][td] This table is 500 pixels wide with a background color. [/td][/tr][/table]

You can also add the style property to the img, div, span, td bbcodes, etc.  That should help you get those sales posts formatted to be awesome. :)