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Give me ASP.NET Hosting recommendation for PBN

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Give me ASP.NET Hosting recommendation for PBN
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:49:04 PM »
Actually i want to create PBN (Private blog network), That's why i need to buy web host. If i manage single host for my PBN, Google will kick from their search engine. Besides, Its not possible to buy specific hosting for specific domain. I need a single hosting provider, who can give me a opportunity that, i can use A class ip for my single domain, that A class ip. I mean i want to manage from one hosting panel, but my every single domain will be run by specific IP.

I found many hosting providers on google. There is 1 hosting provider that I would like to know more, it is I have traced their record and I see their plan is very interesting and quite affordable. Anyone have experience with this hosting provider?

I have another question is that, Which Class IP best for creating PBN, A class IP or C Class IP ?

Advance Thanks