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Anyone Experience a Serp Drop due to the Page Layout Update?...

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Anyone Experience a Serp Drop due to the Page Layout Update?...
« on: February 03, 2013, 01:57:16 PM »
Hey Guys, I have a rather decent sized website which ranked pretty well for a number of years. No real link building other than (very minimal) reciprocal (less than probably 50 then (and now more like 20 or so) other than that just lots of Youtube videos, linking back to the website (nofollow) and articles. Most links on this website are the result of people naturally linking to the content etc.

My rank really tumbled and I lost 2 thirds of my income on this website for the last year or so now...

Many of my pages all look the same in their layout.

There is a large webpage header first-then 3 column layout with navigation on the left, content in the middle, then ads and featured items on the right.
Under the header in the middle column(content block) there is usually a few links at the top then, an H1 tag then below that
 a 336x280 ad square tucked in the screen (content block) with an image of similar size beside it.
*After this then the content starts..

I'm just wondering if the page layout update is actually that bad? Maybe i have been penalized for not enough content showing immediately? The content sits just below the 336x280 adsense ad and image.

*I am currently overhauling this entire website (which is an HTML website). Its a pain....

* I have twaeked pages to have only 1 H1 tag on each page, I am trying to go through page by page and reduce over use of KWs, etc.

I am also trying to ensure that each page of the website is accessible within 3 clciks of the homepage. This was NOT the case before ( I think my page juice will be much stronger this way).

I am also going to try and eliminate some of the 25 links on my homepage-which link to different parts of my website and redirect these. I figure that this will distribute the PR alittle better?

The website is decent, quality content..

*Anyone have thoughts on use of other tags? H2, H3 etc....any suggested uses which any of you have experienced for best results?

* I have NEVER received any link warnings or message like that from Google...

I do suspect that possibly, some of my link source however, maybe were hit  with penguin and panda etc which decreased my power maybe?

Anyone else have any other suggestions or ideas with regards to the Page Layout Update etc???

Thanks guys...I'm fresh out of ideas!
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