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Instant Article Wizard 3 (CLOSED) / Re: Money Paid, No IAW
« on: December 21, 2015, 05:24:51 PM »
Is Instant Article Wizard down? I bought the product yesterday around noon, but Zaxaa couldn't confirm the payment. However, this morning, I get this message from PayPal:

"Dear xxxx,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. I am happy to assist you further.

I have reviewed your transaction 2D5908714B0263254 and it shows that you subscription payment was already sent to in the amount of $37.00 USD on Dec 18, 2015.

Rest assured that payment was already received by your merchant."

Your support desk said Instant Article Wizard was down and that they'd look into this, but I never heard back from them. Is the site not working? Could someone tell me what's going on?

Hello Ernie,

I'm sorry for the trouble with this situation.  We've replied to the case you submitted on the Help Desk and provided the necessary access details.

Thank you for your patience.

Yes, I did both.

Hi Roland,

We've responded to all cases you've submitted.  If you have a case you haven't received a respond to please reply back me here on the forum with your case number via a PM.

Thank you.

it seems there is no response, i wait 2 days for my ticket with no response at all, have the same problem with the IAW... great service

Hello nicepix4u,

We've responded to all cases you've submitted.  If you have a case you haven't received a respond to please reply back me here on the forum with your case number via a PM.

Thank you.

the sales video states i works like click here click there finish! so thats what i expect then!

Hello nicepix4u,

We've responded to all cases you've submitted.  If you have a case you haven't received a respond to please reply back me here on the forum with your case number via a PM.

Thank you.

Did you also get a 404 error on Zaxaa after making payment? That's what happened to me, and I also didn't get my login details. Maybe it happened to a lot of people and now they're busy trying to manually give everyone their logins, and fix the error? It's been about 24 hours since I messaged support the first time, but I'll give it some more time.

Hello sr1982,

We've corrected this matter for you now and your account is active and working.  Sorry for the delay.

Yes, I check the mail and box spam every 30 minutes. Distance to send ticket, has more than 24 hours. So I will find help on the forum.

Hello jieyun,

Sorry for the delay.  We've responded to your case now. 

Niche Jet / Re: Transfer domain names
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:06:26 PM »
I have submitted to transfers and put a ticket in for my domain names to be transferred to my accounts sent one on the 14th and the 18th and put a ticket in on the 19th and still no response to anything as of yet. i think i have covered all the bases would like to get this done.

Shane Dolby

We've responded to your case on the help desk now.  Sorry for the delay.

The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Default font switched to wingdings in editor mode
« on: September 08, 2015, 07:54:36 PM »
I was hoping that Carlito had a fix because I contacted support 24 hours ago and I would like to get this problem fixed asap.


Hi William,

We replied to your inquiry.  Thank you for your patience.

The Best Spinner 3 / Re: 3 nearly 4 days waiting for support!
« on: September 08, 2015, 07:53:30 PM »
So, I sent a support ticket. No reply in a long time except for an automated response.

I have the same issue as Carlito. Wingdings font.

I will give you 24 hours to reply and then start a PayPal dispute and buy spinner chief.

I've used the best spinner before, for a few years. Come on Mr Ledger. Sort it out.


Hi William,

Sorry for the delay on this.  I see that one of our associated responded to you now.

The issue of odd font showing has to do with specific settings on your PC itself.

I've responded to your case with more suggestions and troubleshooting you can try.  Thank you for your patience thus far.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please submit a case to and the support desk will be able to handle your case promptly.

Thank you.

I have purchased Instant Article Wizard

I did research on the keyword "installing wordpress"


Below is the screenshot of "Auto content generate dialog box"


But an article is not created using  Auto generate


Can you please look into this and do needful

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks in advance

2 days later and still absolutely NOTHING from the helpdesk. I know it's Easter weekend, but still very disappointing that can't use my purchase of 2 days ago!!

Hi Vortex,

I'm glad to see our help desk analyst was able to get this resolved for you.  Sorry for the trouble and delay.

The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Refund my money, I don't get my TBS
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:24:00 AM »
Sir moderator, I think I will tell you my situation here. I already use TBS for one year before. Now, I use same e-mail with e-mail that I used before when buy from forum that offer link to discounted price. I paid the discounted price. Maybe thats the problem?
That could be it. The helpdesk will be able to sort it for you.

I will update here when my problem solved. Till now, I still don't hear anything from customer support.

Hi cozyplace,

This is resolved for you now.  Thanks for your patience. 

I am have the same issue. I purchased IAW on 3/17/15 and the activation key comes up as expired. I contacted the help desk and they asked me to cut and past receipt from where I paid for the software, which I immediately did. Now I still have not received a response back from them. I need a valid activation code.

After installing the software, you will need to register your copy with the following license key: 93W12874191212524

Instant Article Wizard
Contact Support

Transaction Details
Zaxaa Transaction ID:   747ED7EB16E47B9EE569BF99146957BA
Date:   Mar 17, 2015 10:43 ET
Currency:   USD
Payment Method:   PayPal
Seller Name:   Jonathan Leger
Seller Tax/VAT ID:   -
Payment Status:   Completed

Product Details
Product Number:   4152972517334
Regular Price:   47.00
Discount:   10.00
Buy Price:   37.00
0% VAT:   0.00
Total:   37
Payment Type:   Subscription

Subscription Details
Paypal Subscription ID:   S-6R689982MY156520A
Start From:   Mar 17, 2015 10:44 AM ET
Trial Duration:   0
Trial Regular Price:   0.00
Trial Price:   0.00
Subscription Period:   Yearly
Subscription Price:   37.00
Subscription Status:   Active

Related Payments

Payment Number   Payment ID   Payment Time   Amount
1st Payment   93W12874191212524   Mar 17, 2015 10:43 ET   $37.00

Dear Valued Customer,

We responded to your initial inquiry within less than 24 hours.  Our follow up reply required additional research and troubleshooting which explains the additional delay/time needed.

Your case was resolved within 26 hours of receiving your case.  If you're not seeing our reply please let us know. 

Thank you.

The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Why the best spinner suspend my account?
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:18:23 PM »
March 5 I use paypal to buy The Best Spinner 3,

But on March 6, I landed the software prompts my account is suspended,

I try to solve my problemAskJonLeger proposed,

But now two days later, I did not get your reply,

Yet you have the staff it?

Why can not reply and solve my problem?

Look forward to your problem!

Thank you

My reference to Case # 536631.

Hi Sam,

We corrected this for you yesterday.  Sorry for the trouble. 

I paid 4 days ago and also sent two support tickets and still no one loves me enough to send me my login details.

Why does it take so long for someone to process new customers?

Your 24 hour response time is not really 24 hours!

Why isn't the system setup to AUTOMATICALLY send login details.

Why is the sky blue?

What's the meaning of life?

I need answers to these very important questions...

My purchase info is below;

Zaxaa Transaction ID   039BE855B1F631BF1C67A0ECE66E3D32

Payment ID   7AK043718X812501C

Impatiently Waiting

Hello musickdf,

We've replied to your case at the help desk now.  Sorry for the trouble and delay with this situation.

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