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I would like to know the approach to do SEO for Japanese Dental website. Basically, are there any differences, and how should I do keyword research in this case?

Kindly advise or comment, please. Thx.

Hi, any1 in JL team or alliance care to help out?

I had bought 5 website package from NicheJet 1 week ago and submitted main set of keywords. However, after the 1st email reply for questions that I posted to, there has NOT been an answer to the rest of the questions for 5 days NOW?!

Is JL too busy marketing and selling that support is totally abandoned or neglected? If so, what's the point of selling to the masses and failed to delivered good and prompt customer service?! Further, there is no automatic tracking of ticket submission, which left customers "hanging in the air" and not sure what to do next.

Please buck up and improve your support. Else, I am asking for a full refund!


I am experiencing this problem when I clicked on Show/Hide toolbar icons in TBS 2.9044, the program just crashes with error "TBS has stopped working..." Any1 experienced similar problem? Any solution or update? Thx.

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