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General Chatter / Re: Where is RankCrew?
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:34:56 AM »
Thank you Meg.

General Chatter / Where is RankCrew?
« on: May 23, 2016, 05:33:31 AM »
I've posted here and I don't have access to rankcrew in the forum. My problem is my funds have been taken away $250 and I don't know why. I'd sure like someone to enlighten me.

Like I said before, I don't see rankcrew here in the forum, so if you move my post it won't help me a bit, because I get an error clicking on the reply link.

Some helpful explanation please.

Hi Jonathan,
Sometime ago I read a nifty-cool post you made about info-graphics

You showed how an info-graphic really impresses a reader and cuts down on bounce rate.

Do you, or will you be creating some kind of cross platform (Mac-Windows) software or program where we can make infographics for any niche, any topic sometime in the future?

If so, any project release date?

As always... m(_ _)m

Niche Jet / Re: Unable to purchase NJ-Authority
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:54:26 PM »
Hey! Thanks for the update fix. Much appreciated. :)

Niche Jet / Unable to purchase NJ-Authority
« on: April 22, 2014, 09:56:09 AM »
Please note: YES! I have also submitted a support ticket-just trying to seek some kind of response.

Hi! Just got an email, 24 minutes ago offering NicheJet Authority sites. So I thought, "Hey, sounds nifty-cool!". When I landed on the sales page, clicked on buy now I was taken to a "Nichejet login" page. I don't have any "login credentials" that I know of. I tried to use password recovery using the email I "always" use for these kind of purchases and I got a page that says that my account doesn't exist. So.....

My only conclusion is that this offer is for folks who have a Nichejet 'login account'--- which I don't have.

I would appreciate some kind of confirmation if this is true. Thank you.

Niche Jet / NJ Domain Transfer Question
« on: January 27, 2014, 08:22:58 PM »
I registered my NicheJet Domain and set the Nameservers to NJ Nameservers. I have now transferred the site to to my HostGator account. So all I have to do now is change the NJ Nameservers to my HostGator Nameservers. Is that correct?

So if your NJ site is also an addon domain then the wp-content folder needs to go in that site's folder, not public_htm It shouuld only go directly in public_html if the NJ site is your primary domain.

Hi Josh,
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I put the folder in the public_html folder. The "Transfer To New Host.pdf" file does not really make that clear of a distinction. It would be nice if you could add what you just told me to that "Transfer To New Host.pdf file. That may explain why I have three "Home, About, etc" pages when I go to the transferred site.  :-\

Hi! Got my email saying that the site has completed quality control and that I can move ahead with the transfer.

Before I do, I have a question:

I made a "duplicate" WP-Content file from YOUR cPanel and saved it on my desktop. Now when I copy it to MY cPanel root (public-html), it will in effect, replace the WP-Content file I already have there, will this change affect my other WP sites's Themes, plugins' etc?

FYI: All sites are add-on domains. Shared hosting with Hostgator. I know AskJonLeger Support doesn't supply support for these type of queostions. I'm wondering if some one here can enlighten me.

I have a feeling that there is no cause to worry, my other sites will be in their own "blissful theme state" as if nothing happened. Just want to make sure  :)

Niche Jet / Re: NicheJet Order Confirmation Help
« on: January 22, 2014, 08:54:55 PM »
Hi, was this a regular NJ order or an authority site order?
Hi Josh,
Got it all sorted out. It was a regular NJ order. Just a glitch in the payment. All I have to do is try again.

Niche Jet / NicheJet Order Confirmation Help
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:40:09 PM »
Hi! Just ordered a NicheJet (1 site). Got a PayPal Receipt but no NicheJet order confirmation. Yes, I checked the spam folder, nothing there either.

I have submitted a ticket: Case #14544

Just want to know if you folks got it and are working towards sending a confirmation.

Thank you. Standing by.

Hi Andrew,
I got the PM, thank you. Sounds like you had very adventurous trip.

Also, thanks for the information. I like what you offer, pretty sweet deal.  :D

Hi Andrew,
This looks like a great deal. Some "Pre-sell" questions:

1. Is the WP theme you use "Mobile Responsive"? In other words, will folks viewing the website on an iPhone, or other kind of mobile device, be able to navigate with ease and comfort?

2. Can you tell me what differences your service has compared to NicheJet? Of course, price is different. I've spent a couple of hours researching, brain is jello-now.

3. Can I request fewer things to be included in the website, for example, can you build the site "leaving out the tags". I don't care for tags. Stuff like that. I get the feeling you're pretty flexible for stuff like that.

4. Can I promote just "one" Clickbank product? Or at least have the option to do so after the site is made?

I think your advice, "Buy a site. Play with it. Work with it. Experiment with it." is the best advice you've given. I plan on doing exactly that.

Thank you... m(_ _)m


General Chatter / Re: What are your 2012 goals? How can I help?
« on: December 27, 2011, 11:46:32 PM »
Goal for 2012:

Live 90/10

90% of what I earn goes to helping our poor planet, and folks less fortunate than us.

10% goes to supporting my lifestyle...

I can fly first class anytime, anyplace  :)

Also, just want to shout out a personal "thank you" to all forum members here as well as Jon & Co. who have inspired me and motivated me to live this way...(it's custom in Japan to show thanks and appreciation with a bow)...   m(_ _)m

Wish all Forum mates the joy of realizing their dreams in 2012. Hint: Hope, in your mind, that you are realizing it now. ;)


Article Builder / Re: What are the NEW Topics for This Week of 11/1/11 ?
« on: November 07, 2011, 07:19:26 AM »
What will the new topics be this week?

If you want to know specifically what additions have been made here are a few suggestions for taking "screenshots" - (they're kind of funky but it is a way to record and compare)...

For Mac users:

For taking your entire screen--this is also the easiest...well for me anyhow  :)

hold both   "command"    and   "shift"  and press    "3"   =    Mac OS X captures the entire screen and saves it as a file named like “Picture 1.png” on your desktop.
(caveat: you have to return to the Article Category scroll to the bottom and repeat the above)

If you want to just take a partial screen shot try this:

hold both   "command"    and   "shift"    and press   "4'   =    Use your mouse to draw a rectangle in order to specify what to capture (you'll only be able to capture what is 'visible'. I tried to see if moving the mouse to the bottom would further include "all" the topics in one window. The "scrolling" worked but when I took the picture only the "original-before-scrolling" topics were taken.

Just press the "space" bar or click anywhere on the window to finish taking the partial screen shot. Again, you'll have to return, scroll down to get the rest of the topics and repeat the above to 'screen capture' the remaining topics.

For Window users:

I don't use windows but here's a link that describes in pretty-simple-to-understand detail how to do it.

If link not working type the following into your browser:

Like I said, it's kinda funky, but it's one way you can track to see what new topics have been added. Of course if you have a photo-graphic memory than this funky way is totally obsolete  :D

Hope it may help.

Here's how it works:

All of the "votes" for new topics are tallied up, and each week a few of the topics with the most votes have content created for them.

Once a topic has content, metrics are kept that tell us how many articles are being injected/generated for each of the topics each week.  We use those metrics to determine how much content is created each week for all of the existing topics.  Obviously, those topics that have had more articles generated get more new content, etc.

Once a topic has had content created for it, it is no longer considered for the "new topics" -- no matter how many requests it's had.  Once there's content built around the topic, it gets new content added to the topic based on how many articles are generated/injected for that topic.

So each week a couple of new topics will get created, and as time goes by the topics with a certain number of votes will get added to the system.  At that point, new content is created for those topics based on their actual popularity within the system.

Make sense?


Hey Jon,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, that helps clarify things. This is a really great great system you and you're staff have created here.


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