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How can we make your goals more achievable through specific, affordable outsourcing? We want to hear from you, because iNeedTasks was built FOR you

Hi Josh and members, most of you know me as HoneyJo here, (Honey-Jo on learnfromjon), and  I have actually never made a living on line. I joined learnfromjon to change that! Have made a some good affiliate sales from my sites, odd jobs from other forum members, other than that notta~ :'(

I mostly write for others and preform other task 'accounting/bookkeeping/secretarial/word processing/office flunky' jobs from my own site or O'Desk. Earning some money, however not what I would like to make!

•   I need to have someone 'trustworth' who could check my sites for 'inode' problems from time to time they have not been being backed up by Hostgator because of this error! Not a ‘biggee’ for most people, but it is for me!

I have never been into niche blogs (hence so many daft questions) as they had been to expensive or low quality.

PCCARTER, Andrew's niche sites are amazing! That may sound like too high of praise, however, I have 46 sites on line, Andrew built only one of them~

The one that Andrew built, get's more hits and ranks higher than any of my other sites, matter of fact more than all of my other sites put together!  ;)


The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Numerous quality issues with this software
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:22:42 AM »
@snm @Eliot. Along with millions of other people, I have used Vista for years and never experienced any problems whatsoever. The problem here is poorly implemented software and that's all. You seem to be proposing that I replace my computer in order to run Best Spinner, which is clearly a ridiculous position to take.

Sorry to disagree with you EE77, you are totally in the wrong when you tell snm (Shiv) and Eliot that Vista has never caused any problems. Yes, I know that you did not say that it did not cause anyone problems, simply that you have never had any problems with it~ Well I did, Shiv did and I am not sure about Eliot!

Vista (according to various Windows reporting) was the worse operation system that had been put on computers at that time.

However, I will definitely tell you that when you stated, 'The problem here is poorly implemented software and that's all,' you are 180 out~ Please be patient and I can promise you that your problems will be resolved. And, if they cannot be resolved, Jon will give you another option...

Good luck,

The Best Spinner 3 / Re: Numerous quality issues with this software
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:09:26 AM »
Hi EE77, and all you guy's whose names you know I know  (including Miss TBS) ;D ~

It has been a while since I have had the time to be on the forum, however I have been using TBS, AB and several other products that Jon has designed!

I have no idea why you would be having problems with The Best Spinner, as it is truly the best spinner on the market. It has always been one of my favorite products, and has made money for me more than once!

The new update (3.511) is not my favorite version, I do know that (since it is a Jon Leger product) there will be several changes to it in the near future.

One thing I would like to suggest is that you check your version of your .NET Framework 3.5, make sure you are using only this version! We had problems with it in TBS-2, and it solved a multitude of problems. The link where you will find this version is


Niche Jet / Re: Continued SEO
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:37:21 AM »
The key is to be consistent in your back linking.  If you want to post 200 links do not create 200 back links in one day and do nothing the rest of the month.  Spread them out so that on one day you build 10 back links, on another day 5 back links, but by the end of the month you have created some back links every day so that your totally for the month equals around 200 back links.
Then in the second month, do the same thing.  After doing this for a few months, once you reach the first page of Google for your prime keyword, you can cut back on the number of back links you build.
And by the way, 200 back links a month is not very aggressive if you spread them out over the month.  For EMD domains I build 200-300 back links per month for the first six months, then cut back to 100 back links per month forever.  For non-EMD domains I will build a 1000 back links for the first three four months, then slowly taper down to 100-200 back links per month.
Another key is to not over use your prime keyword as the anchor text in your back links.  Vary it with LSI keywords and junk keywords such as "click here" or "visit my site".  The percentages are still being argued as to what is best but I use 10% keyword, 60% LSI word and 30% junk words for my EMD domains, for my non-EMD domains I use 30% Keyword, 50% LSI word and 20% junk words.
Other people use different percentages so take the percentages you like and test what works for you.  I will not discuss the issue of what percentage is best in this forum, I will only tell you what is working for me.

I do not see a thank you on this post, however it is very informative!

So, thank you Ed, I appreciate this information (and needed it).

SE|O is still a totally blank for me~ I know it does not make sense, I am smart, educated, and computer literate... Yet have a total mental block when it comes to SEO.

Every-time I think I have learned something, shabang... gone!


Niche Jet / Re: 500 exact match domains in any market for $67 ?
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:24:49 AM »
Is this list good for building Niche Jet sites?
I know how to make a Niche Jet site on my own except I don't know how many backlinks I need for them.
Looks like a good deal for getting Exact Match domains. That's really the hard part.
What do I enter for the "Market Keywords"?  Is says, Using broader market keywords will likely yield more results. Obviously, I need to to pick a niche in which there is content on ArticleBuilder.
I'm assuming the Keyword associated with the EMD is the keyword phrase need to use to write the article for the front page?
The trouble with this data is that Jon gives an example .CSV file and alot of the keywords/EMDs have High competition so they are not good for building the type of sites.

Of course it is good for 'Niche Jet Sites', if it were not Jon would not have said it was!

Jon is in this business to make money, however he is an honorable man and does not lie to his subscribers, or forum members~


Firstly, you may get exact same paragraph repeated.
Next, you may get the same point appearing more than once though worded differently.
Asking for longer articles would you are likely to get both types of duplication.

So you agree that you should read the articles before posting if you wish to get human visitors from the articles.  :)

Shiv spins for a living  ;), has many employees, makes a great living, and does a beautiful job for each and every one of his clients~
Therefore I am sure that articles are read before posting (or selling).


The Best Spinner 3 / Re: A Little Copy Editing
« on: July 12, 2013, 09:50:32 PM »
Honey Jo, I agree with what you are saying.  And sometimes our eyes see what we think instead of what we type.  I normally type very fast and as a result, do have a few typos as my fingers sometimes strike the edge of two keys at the same time as I type.
I preview everything before I post it and yet sometimes my eyes still see what I was thinking and not what I actually typed.  So I post with spelling errors (although I prefer to think they are all typos) so after posting I read what I posted again.  I sometimes catch these errors and do an edit to correct them.  Sometimes I miss them until somebody replies and I see my mistakes.  Then it is too late to correct them as the mistakes have been quoted. :(
If I had noticed this mistake I would not have made an issue of it in the forum.  I would have simply sent an email or PM to Jonathan so he could have it corrected.  But that is just me.
So yes, I agree uncaught typos do look unprofessional but really, it is not the end of the world as it was obviously a typo when you read what was written.  Since the issue has been raised I am sure it will soon be corrected, if it has not been corrected by now.

Now this is what I refer to as 'MAKING A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLE HILL'!


The Best Spinner 3 / Re: A Little Copy Editing
« on: July 12, 2013, 09:25:05 AM »
OK U -2, we all hit the wrong key every once in a while~  :o

Yes, that is true. However, copy editing seems to be a lost art as people rush to get things published. We see this both in the quality of web sites and in the print world. If you look through 'old' books as compared to today's output I think my point would be made.
In one printed book I have there are over 30 such mistakes... 30. And, it's a book on how to write "killer" emails! Pride in my work keeps me from not caring.

 Frankly `My Dear, I don`t give a Da--`~ Just kidding, it is just that on `THE` forum, we are often in a hurry, and pay little attention to grammer, spelling, or formatting... Something we would normally work at in our online life!  ;)


Jon's "super spun" doesn't include word spins. It's all paras and sentences - maybe 100 of them spun together.


Thanks for giving a correct way to look at it Shiv!!


The Best Spinner 3 / Re: A Little Copy Editing
« on: July 12, 2013, 02:53:48 AM »

OK U -2, we all hit the wrong key every once in a while~  :o


The Best Spinner 3 / Re: A Little Copy Editing
« on: July 12, 2013, 01:18:27 AM »
Sorry, couldn't resist. From
"Click here for The Best Spinner IN-DEPTH User Manual.
This is the full user manual with all options and features explained in deatil."

See anything out of whack here?   ::)

Not really Tradeview  8). Why don't you just tell us?   :-\


Is it safe to post Super-Spun AB content onto Social Networks with a link back to a product page?

To the best of my knowledge it is fine.
I have never read anywhere that chould not use these articles any way you choose.


General Chatter / Re: Pop ups on some browsers for this forum?
« on: July 10, 2013, 04:13:27 AM »
Where it says "Discuss internet marketing in general here", the words "internet Marketing" were linked and when I hovered over the link, it comes up as a pop up for something to do with internet Marketing.

In my opinion the guys are right on this one Meg...

Definitely a virus or some other type of malware....


As a PM Meg, I do use Fire-Fox (and only Fire-Fox)...  ;)

Article Builder / Re: Add ineedarticles to AB?
« on: July 09, 2013, 04:06:46 PM »
I would love to be able to add my articles to AB.  I would not have any problem with my articles being charged against my quota with AB since it would cost Jonathan something to process those articles.

Is this another +1 Else?  :-\


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