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Profile/Project & Autoresponder
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:16:23 AM »
I have a need for a profile a member can complete about goals/targets and an auto-responder that can send reminders that can quote from the profile.

I know you can add 'custom fields' to auto-responder sign in pages. But I see the need for more, fields, more options.
Why? 3 reasons
1. To make the reminder messages more telling and effective you need dates, numbers, targets, goals, even problems and suggestions
2. To make the profile a part of the project planning. Goals, sub-goals, steps, trainings, new habits. You need numbers, day, dates, comments, plans, statements, as well as demographic data
3. Prizes for following or penalties for error

This would be useful in a number of markets -self improvement of many kinds, make money at home & internet marketing trainings, health
improvement, stop smoking.
Any Achievement focused business/service/author

To make it work in multi markets each field needs to have Title that can be changed for each business.

Please is this a new product OR do you know how it can be done with existing tools

PS happy new 2014