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Kindle Books
« on: May 06, 2013, 07:38:34 AM »
Ok, another idea  ::)

Now that many books are available in digital format - for ereaders etc - it should be easy to give readers a choice when they purchase a book from online stores such as Amazon as to whether they would like a "censored" or "uncensored" version of the book. 

I love reading, but I hate bad language.  There are many books that I would enjoy a whole lot more if the swearing was taken out, and if given a choice between the two options, would purchase the "censored" version.  I know not everyone would agree with me, but that would be my choice.

Maybe an app, or plugin, or collaboration with Amazon would be a little niche that does a "find and replace" for bad language in books and gives readers an option to download a "censored" version.  Or maybe it could be a little program that I could purchase to feed my ebooks through before I put them onto my Kindle.

Just a thought!