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getting info from Social media

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getting info from Social media
« on: January 16, 2014, 03:14:36 PM »
I am not doing internet marketing at the moment because I am concentrating on my studies, BUT it's hard not to see some other uses for software that I am using as part of my studies!  ;D

One piece of software I use (expensive but I get access to it, a year at a time) has a new feature that I am just starting to explore. It "captures" web pages but more than that, it captures DATA from places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkdIN. The person demonstrating this has produced a youtube video showing how you can get information from OPEN Facebook pages (NOT private ones) and OPEN Twitter feeds and collect the data, such as conversations on particular points. The page she used was on Asthma, for instance, with people listing their common asthma triggers on the Facebook page. She was able to capture that data for research purposes.

Presumably, that data would be equally useful for IM purposes?

I don't know if people already have access to this type of program? Or whether they would be interested in seeing the youtube video? I can post the link if anyone is interested.