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Content Distribution System On The Web

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Content Distribution System On The Web
« on: July 17, 2013, 12:19:27 PM »
I would love to see a web based system that both spins content, if desired, and then can publish to any number of personal sites, on a schedule.  This could work well with Article Builder, or any other well spun content.

My dream system would contain the following...

- web based, so both Macs and PCs could use
- allow unlimited number of personal blogs to be published to, similar to ArticleBuilder
- personal blogs could be grouped by niche, so if I have 50 blogs, 20 could be dog niche, 20 could be cat niche and 10 could be bird niche
- scheduler would allow me to publish a spun version of my article to each blog in desired niche, over the course of any number of days
- scheduler would randomly pick which sites to publish to until entire run had been completed
- scheduler would have the option of publishing to each blog in a niche once, or any number of times that the user desires
- not a plugin, nothing on site to leave a footprint
- users would be able to load their own spinnable content, and be able to control location and quantity of their links

It would be a bonus if there were a Flickr photo feed, and a YouTube video feed to access as well so that published articles would have some embedded media.