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Idea for a SIMPLE, LITE Keyword Research Tool

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Idea for a SIMPLE, LITE Keyword Research Tool
« on: February 11, 2012, 09:08:43 PM »
IDEA: Exact Phrase Count Bot!

Very simple. I've searched and searched for a good bot made that includes just a function that just does this. All I've found are programs that crash a lot because they come with too much other junk. If I have to give anything to JL it is that his programs usually run pretty smooth and don't crash. So forget the bells and whistles, this one is real simple. It more or less does just one function that has yielded me tons of success.

Here's what it is: My strong opinion is that 15k exact phrase Google search engine results (or less) is all you need (besides CPC and searches of course which is child's play to figure out). So many people get way way too into looking at so many specs...I'm telling you though, this one thing will do it 80% of the time...tack on a little common sense and you're winning 90%+ of the time with this little trick.

Now...can we automate this process some way and keep it LITE and smooth running. I'm looking into using the RCH stock plugin and just doing it in excel. That is the only way I'd know how to do this. Leave a message or pm me if anyone wants to help me make this...OR Jon, feel free to run with this if you want. If anyone wants proof that this is the easiest way to rank a site number one in a short time with just about no effort I could do a live demo...child's play. It is just exhausting to go through 100's of keywords by hand looking for exact phrase.

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