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Usine Article Builder, TBS and SENuke together

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Usine Article Builder, TBS and SENuke together
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:53:51 PM »
This is my first time using Article Builder so please excuse any silly questions. But, I have a couple and I will try to put them in order.
  • I built an article selecting 5 from the number of articles and spin together. My project was created in no time at all. Really terrific!  :)
  • Which version do I copy and paste for what purpose? A "preview of encoded article" - what is this used for? And, "download article" - when would I select this option?
  • Preview encoded article - what purpose does this have? Do I copy and paste it into my SENuke campaign and then spin again there? Or, would I paste this into TBS and respin or use it in another way there?
  • Or, do I use the "download article" button and save to my computer to add to TBS? If so, what purpose does this serve?

I am a bit confused as you can see - I really need help please  :-[

I could really use some assistance or explicit video tutorials on using the TBS, Article Builder and SENuke together effectively with very, very easy step-by-step instructions to follow accompanied with reasons why you would chose doing one thing over the other. Perhaps these already exist somewhere. Is there a link you could send me? ;)

Thanks and keep up the good work. I hope to hear from you quickly because I really want to get my campaigns up and running in the most effective manner possible.