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potential bug

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potential bug
« on: October 27, 2011, 08:58:28 PM »
I think I found a bug or problem.

I generated 5 articles into 1 using the spin together check box, all 500 words.

Then copied the spun article text and put it into TBS 3.x and it says that there are 176 Words, 1% Unique.

-Please Advise


I don't know. I just combined 5, 500 word articles again and put it in TBS and comes out to 407 words and 20% Unique. I think if I increased it to 5, 600 word articles and selected "Spin articles together" checkbox, it should give me at least a 550 word article with enough variation to satify a SENukeX Article module don't you think?

Never mind. I Created a 600 word article in AB and in TBS shows it is only 394 words, 24% unique. Please Advise! How do you get a 550 word article in AB to come out as a 550 word article in TBS?
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