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Feature Request - Link placeholder injection

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Feature Request - Link placeholder injection
« on: January 12, 2012, 11:46:33 AM »
I just signed up for Article Builder and have been enjoying it very much. I dont think the following would be to difficult to add and would be tremendously useful.

1. A simple way to add backlinks into the spintax. Ideally a true <a> tag link or a variable. So for exampyou with (snip) you embed your links with the code %LINK1%. Its a time consuming pain to do this in a super spun article. If one could fill out a few txtboxs in Article builder and then it automatically embeds the tag or link that would be awesome.

2. To make the above truly killer would be for ArticleBuilder to embed them in in-context sentences in the article or in generic paragraphs that can be inserted in an article at say the top, center and bottom. This is what (snip) articles let you do with paragraphs.

It occurs to me that the above features could be implemented in very simple way. On the UI, under Advanced features, 3 checkboxs labeled Keyword 1 - Intro Paragraph, Keyword 2- Center Paragraph, Keyword 3-Conclusion Paragraph. On the backend you guys write 3 versions of super spun generic paragraphs with a generic link placeholder like #KW1# ( for Keyword 1) already in each, and just insert the right paragraph in the article depending on the user selections. The user then just does a search and replace to change #KW1# to whatever they need.

This feature would be a HUGE time saver.

Thanks for your consideration

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