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A Small Tip For Users Of AB's Autoposting Tools

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A Small Tip For Users Of AB's Autoposting Tools
« on: January 31, 2013, 10:16:56 AM »
Sometimes when setting up a site I want to prepopulate the site with some content - particulalry when setting up my Automated Websites.

Until recently we used to do this by using the 'Post Now' button under auto posting. We would click the button, wait for the confirmation, click back to the Post Now button and repeat. This can take a little time.

Well, we found that if one presses the Post Now button several times then articles will be posted multiple times in one action. So, if I want six articles I press the button quickly six times, wait for the page to update, press the 'Click Here To Continue' link and badaboom, bada bing there's six articles posted to the site in one go.

Maybe not a big thing if you are making one site but it adds up when making hundreds of sites. ;)