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You’ve probably already missed the boat, I’m afraid.

No, this is not a “last minute deal reminder” type of blog post! I’m not trying to persuade you to rush out to buy something.

What I mean is that *most* people miss the many seasonal opportunities that repeat every year.

From the analysis we’ve done we know that the majority of people do not properly take advantage of evergreen seasonality.

You all know what I mean. Every year on January 1st billions of resolutions will be made – only to be broken a few weeks later. Then the following year those resolutions are made all over again.

Weight loss? Yup. Every year on January 1st millions (literally millions) of people will buy diet books, diet plans, ebooks, online diet courses – every year.

Here’s the thing. If you publish some content on December 31st about the best way to lose weight, that’s very topical. But will anyone see it? Unless your site is already ranking well your new post may not show up in the search engines in time for the huge rush.

That huge rush of people buying stuff in the hope of losing weight? It’s going to happen next year, the year after and every year after that. Stale, old content may drop off the search engines so you have to keep updating your content. People want fresh content, even if it says the same thing!

Here’s an incredibly simple idea. It’s so simple that the majority of people simply don’t do it. Don’t ask me why people don’t do it – they just don’t.

Prepare your content now for seasonal trends happening later in the year.

That’s it. Not so hard, is it? All you have to do is think and plan ahead.

If you want to take advantage of the New Year opportunities (jus as an example), get your content researched, polished and ready well ahead of time.

That gives you time to make the content great (people and Google both care about quality). It also gives you time to start ranking your post/page.

“But what if I publish too early? People can steal my content or it may look old and stale.”

Again, this is incredibly simple. All you have to do is publish *some* content ahead of time so you have chance to send traffic to it and rank it. In the post itself you make it plain that more information will be added nearer the time.

You could even invite people to join your email list so they get notification when you publish the extra information.

“Join my list now to be the first to receive details of the revolutionary new technique to lose weight and keep it off in 2018!” – Yes, you can actually use the technique to build your list.

As for people stealing your content? That can happen at any time. It’s not a reason to hide your great content!

Weightloss and New Year’s is just one example, but think about “beach body” season. At the time of publishing this post you’re reading, that’s probably more relevant than New Year’s weight loss.

Every year, without fail, people will be looking for solutions to losing weight and toning up ready for the “beach” season.

Think also about the various holiday seasons that happen year after year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Ever been stuck in a traffic queue on a holiday, when everyone seems to be out shopping at the same time? Ever noticed that it happens every year? Ever bought something online on one of those “special days”?

There are seasonal trends that are here to stay. We know they are coming and we know when they are coming. If you allow yourself time to create excellent content – it could even be a paid product remember – you have a better chance that people will value your content.

On the other hand, if you do what seems to be typical, you’ll be publishing lower quality content. That won’t enhance your reputation. It’s likely to hurt it.

When you’ve gone to the trouble of acquiring a customer or subscriber, why not try to keep them for a long time? You won’t do that with rushed, badly thought out content.

Very few people can produce superb quality content the day before a big seasonal trend hits. You can produce it well ahead of time though.

What seasonal opportunity are you already preparing for? My guess is that many of you won’t be preparing.

Every diary and calendar contains a list of upcoming holidays and important occasions. All you have to do is a little research to plan for those occasions.

Some of the occasions aren’t even that exciting. Every year millions of parents around the world have to get ready for when their kids go back to school.

Don’t overlook such mundane topics that crop up every year.

You’ll save yourself a ton of stress if you have everything ready ahead of time. If things change and new information or products come out you can always update your content to reflect that. It’s much easier to add a small update than it is to create an entire blog post or blog post series under pressure.

Not sure what trends occur each year?

You can do a little research online, but if you leave a comment here we’ll send you a small thank you gift.

We’ll send you a list of niches (and seasons) that we have found to be responsive. But you have to leave a comment to qualify to get that!

If you do leave a comment please be patient since we’ll be sending the list manually.

If you haven’t already started planning for the rest of this year and the early part of next year, you’re already missing opportunities.

Start planning now. Those seasons have a habit of rolling round like clockwork!

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