That’s right, the more articles you can produce, the higher you can rank in Google! If you remember, last year we were getting a LOT of top 10 rankings in Google by simply providing articles to website owners in the niche of the site we were promoting.

The site we used as an example was which remains in the #1 spot in Google for its primary keyword, “cabbage roses” as well as many other related keywords.

Though we haven’t been talking about that method much, it is working as well as ever and we have subscribers who, to this day, are achieving top 10 ranking after top 10 ranking!

The reason I bring this up today is because we are coming up on a big launch on August 1st. The launch is for which we believe to be the ULTIMATE content tool and it is PERFECT for this method. To be clear, this tool is perfect for just about any method that requires lots of quality content in just about any niche, but this particular method of building links will be much easier with this tool.

Here’s the method in a nutshell:

  1. Start doing Google searches for keywords in your niche. Compile a list of emails and contact form URL’s of sites in your niche that rank for those queries. If they’re ranking on the first few pages, a link from those sites would be valuable, no matter what metrics you look at to determine authority.
  2. Send a short email to each one of them, telling them you’re interested in providing a unique article just for them and all you require is a link to your site in a short, “about the author” section below the article.
  3. For those who accept send them a quality article. Most will not be overly concerned with it being a masterpiece. They just like fresh, unique content on their site.

What currently stops many people from performing this process is all the work involved in producing all that content for all the people. That problem will disappear August 1st!

You can select a template article (see example below):

Once you’ve used the template to create your article you can then spin it in order to produce multiple unique copies of that article that you can give to multiple different sites, producing multiple links back to your site:

Because these tools are created for speed and simplicity, you don’t need to mess with spintax or any other complicated features. You just load up your article, write up a few variations and you have multiple versions of your article ready to send out for BACKLINKS!

You don’t even have to write the article yourself…

You can pull an article from the built-in PLR database or from ArticleBuilder, which TextSuite is integrated with.

Of course, I’ve only mentioned two of the tools within TextSuite. There are also the research, rewrite, and formatted article tools. You also have the option of pulling from our huge database of PLR articles and ArticleBuilder content if you don’t want to write anything yourself.

Whether you use TextSuite once it launches on August 1st or not, I do hope you’ll start using this method to get quality backlinks to your site, if you’re not already, because it is a very powerful method!

To Your Success!




Josh Spaulding
Senior Strategies
Prosperative, LLC