Money While You Sleep

The dream of so many people – making passive income.

Is it still possible – and easy? And if it is, why aren’t more people succeeding?

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Is it easy to make money online? It can be – but learning how to do that is often really tough. And finding the easy training is even tougher. And that’s where we’re stepping in to make it easy to find – our newsletter – and easy to follow.

Get it right and the people you help will thank you even as you make money. That’s called win-win.

Two Simple Methods

Affiliate Marketing

Skill level: Easy

The barrier to entry to become an affiliate marketer is very low. At its most basic, you need an email address, a payment account (usually Paypal), an affiliate platform account and some time.

After that it’s a case of picking the right niches, picking the right products and then connecting buyers to sellers.

Affiliate marketing can be scaled up pretty easily once you have one funnel in place. Adding extra revenue streams is a case of “rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat”.

BOOM: Commissions earned.

Membership Sites


First, if anyone tells you that running a membership site is technically challenging, they’re wrong. There are simple ways to run a membership site that anyone can manage. To scale up takes a little more tech savvy, but you can get started pretty easily.

Find some content that people will like (free or paid, both work) and then show that content only to members. Your members will have an exclusivity – be part of a group.

BOOM: Revenue earned.


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