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Coming November 12th !

It’s almost here!

On November 12th we’ll be announcing a launch.

Over the course of the next week or so we’ll give you more details about that launch.

It’s coming in

Busy? Do you prefer to listen?

Just click the media player below.

What we can tell you right now is that this is going to have a positive impact on how easy it is for you to manage one of the most critical parts of running an online business.

As you might expect, we’ll be making very special offers during launch week so for maximum savings you’ll need to take swift action.

You can benefit from the launch in two ways:

  1. By taking advantage of the special offer pricing we’ll be making available.
  2. By promoting the product as an affiliate and making some commissions!

We call that win-win.

What’s the product? Well we’ll tell you more about that a bit later. For now we’re keeping it under wraps for just a bit longer as we finalize the feature set.

If you read our last post (here) I can tell you that our new launch can help you to “…produce something of value that is free…” as well as “…send them an email series…”.

Is that all it does? No, of course not. But I don’t want to give away too much just yet.

We’ll be revealing more details over the next week or so – stay tuned!