Seasonal keywords can be extremely profitable. Many people ignore them because they attract so little traffic outside of the season, but for those marketers who take them seriously, there is a lot of money to be made!

seasonal nichesIf you want to profit sooner rather than later on seasonal niches you need to start at least one season before the busy season. So if you want to target a summer niche in the U.S., you’re probably not going to gain notable results this summer (summer is currently in full swing). But if you want to go after a fall or winter niche, now is the time to ramp things up!

Today I’d like to help you do just that! I’ve been in the lab for the past several months working day and night on a brand new SEO tool-set (I’ll be revealing this tool very soon). Using one of the powerful tools I quickly and easily generated 248 fall/winter keywords worth an estimated total of $478,000.00 to those ranking for them! These keywords have a combined 459,000 monthly searches!

Take a look for yourself:


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A smart marketer could grab one of these keywords, run with it, and be raking in good profits this fall! There are plenty to choose from and they’ve all been filtered. All of these keywords have at least 200 monthly searches and at least $0.10 cost per click (CPC). They also have a difficulty rating (based on my own in-house algorithm) of less than 40/100, so none of them should be very difficult to rank for!