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What is Unique Content Poster?

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What is Unique Content Poster?
« on: December 06, 2014, 03:14:15 PM »
Unique Content Poster automatically orders articles from, the best content creation service on the web (in our opinion). The articles are ordered based on keywords you provide. Those articles will be used to post to your blog on the schedule you choose. We will attempt to have up to 10 articles available at any given time to ensure that the articles will be available when they are needed.

This means that when you first create a posting job, 10 articles will be ordered (unless you specify that less than 10 total posts should be made). Then one additional article will be ordered each time a new post is made to your blog (until the max number of posts for the job is reached, if you set a maximum).

NOTICE: These articles are not free with your Unique Content Poster account. We simply tie into using their API, ordering the content for you automatically, and posting it to your blog(s) on the schedule you choose. You will need to keep your iNeedArticles account funded (we'll notify you via email when you run out of iNeedArticles funds).

NOTICE #2: Keep in mind that iNeedArticles is a service, and it's possible that the service may get a heavy workload from time to time, causing the articles to be completed more slowly. That doesn't usually effect the posting schedule for us, since we pre-order up to ten articles initially, but it is possible that some posting days will be missed if iNeedArticles does not deliver the articles soon enough.

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