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Best way to AutoSelect Synonyms for Article with Spun Sentences & Paragraphs?

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I've spun my paragraphs (wrote out 3 versions of each paragraph) & then spun the sentences in each of the paragraphs again (rewrote 3 versions of the original sentences).  

Now I want to auto-select synonyms for every 3rd word in the entire article.  However, when I select Autoselect Synonyms, it tells me I can only use it on plain text articles that have not been spun.

So, to spin every 3rd word, I have to manually go in & select synonyms for the entire article.  Which as you can imagine, is a very painful & tedious process cos I already spun the paragraphs & sentences.  

What's the best way to do something like this is a more intelligent way?

Grateful for some advice before I go nuts doing this manually...

Also, why does TBS tell me I need to update my synonym database each time I log on?  Is this supposed to happen?

Cheers & Happy New Year!