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the weird <br> tag,please help

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the weird <br> tag,please help
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:09:24 AM »
1.when i insert a <br> into the text,tbs automatically generate a </br> next to it.so why tbs generate it and what's the function of </br> here?

the text,for example:
With online associate degree you can complete the program without taking loan or owing debts. This is because online associate degree is inexpensive unlike traditional degree. <br></br>You can go through the entire program debt free.

2.in the html preview,it looked like this,you should notice there is a blank line
but after i paste the text into my wordpress post,it looked like this.the blank line disappeared!
and i also paste the text on my blogger blog,and the blank line is still there.
so in that wordpress post,i want to know where did the blank line gone?why it showed in "html preview" of tbs but didn't show in my wordpress post?