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How best to create 9,000 spins? And when to use "Select N-th synonym"?

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I have an article which I think is spun quite well, but I can't be sure. And I need to get something like 9,000 spins out of it.

Using the "Generate Articles" button there is an option that says "Select N-th synonym" which is supposed to create more unique article versions. The help docs say "this option is designed for users that create very large spintax". But how do I know if my spintax is large enough to benefit from this?

Also there is a limit of 1,000 articles per batch. Because I need to produce 9,000 spins, I have to perform this action 9 seperate times. Does that mean each of those 9 batches will end up having the same articles? Or will each batch be different and unique to the others?

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Yes, you will need to spin 9 times to get 9000 articles but while you are likely to get different articles in each batch, there is no guarantee that they will ALL be different. Unique means only that the EXACT article is not produced twice by the generate articles tool. Unique could mean differing by just one word. So, if you had spintext that said [Mary|Jane] had a little lamb, this would produce two unique articles, Mary had a little lamb and Jane had a little lamb.

Nth synonym uses each synonym in turn, rather than a random synonym.

Consider the following piece of spintext [Mary|Jane] [had|owned] a [little|tiny] [lamb|pig]

With Nth synonym, you would get only 2 articles: Mary had a little lamb and Jane owned a tiny pig. Nth synonym uses the first synonym on the first run through, the 2nd synonym on the second run through, the 3rd ... etc, etc. If you have different numbers of synonyms for different words, e.g Mary|Jane|Peter|John but liked|loved, then even if you use Nth synonym, it will start to use random when it runs out of synonyms before it has finished generating.

With normal spinning, you would get 16 articles from the spintext because it would generate articles using each variation of synonym. There are 4 groups of synonyms, each with 2 synonyms in it. Multiply each group to find the number of possible combinations, so 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 16. The possible unique articles include Mary owned a tiny pig as well as Mary had a tiny pig, etc.

If I needed to do this, there are two possible ways.
1. I assume you have spun at the article and paragraph and sentence stages, as well as at the word / phrase level? If so, you could separate out at the article / paragraph level and create 9 different spin variants. Then you would be guaranteed to have unique articles from each of those spins.
2. If everything is spun in one big document, you could use the data merge tool in TheBestSpinner to include different paragraphs and information each time you run the spin. This would mean creating 9 different CSV files and using a different one each time you generated articles. There is a TBS video on using data merge

Thanks for the detailed help! I'll try this out  :D