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Swipe Viral Plugin Awesome

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Swipe Viral Plugin Awesome
« on: August 31, 2019, 03:19:01 PM »
I have had swipeviral since it first came out. It was great for finding popular videos and much much faster than doing a search myself. I did try on a couple, just to see, but I never found the great videos that swipeviral did. The only thing was, I couldn't post them automatically to my blogs, I had to copy and paste. Even doing that, it was still better and faster than doing it myself.
But NOW I CAN. That new plugin works great. I have been posting videos all day, straight from SwipeViral, without having to go into the blog. I have several pages of videos.

NOW, I would love to see the following upgrade, if possible - could I post several videos to one post? I have made some pages with several videos but I had to post them to my blog, then go in and cut/paste to form a post with several videos on it. Would it be possible to do that automatically from SwipeViral? Please?