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Additional Training In Members Area With Different Angles Using Swipe Viral

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I think most of us understand we can search viral content and post it to our blogs and then to social media accounts. However, would be nice if there was more than just 1 video showing what to put in the software fields.
Some additional training inside the membership (PDF or Video) expanding and showing us various ways we can use the software to make money, monetize and different Angles that can be used and explained by using the software. Just a little more info in the membership would be nice and I'm sure appreciated by everyone
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Absolutely agree with you :)

And the good news is that there will be exactly that kind of training, but we had to get the launch done first and we'll be scheduling - and inviting everyone who got Swipe Viral - to that later this week.

The training is likely to be next week or the week after, depending how soon I recover from my illness!

Your awesome Amin! Appreciate everything....most importantly hope your feeling better quickly