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Want thousands of blogs linking to your website?

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Want thousands of blogs linking to your website?
« on: October 18, 2012, 09:33:48 AM »
The Easy Way to Get Thousands of Blogs Linking to Your Website

Heard of trackbacks?

They appear below a blog post and link back to the sites linking to the post.

So what that means is if you link to a blog post, you should get an automatic link back.

But, if you're looking for lots of links, it's not realistic to link to hundreds or even thousands of different blogs.  But there's a way around that...

Trackback Links, The Easy Way...

This couldn't be easier, here's the entire process:

  • You let me know which sites or pages you would like trackback links built to and the keywords you'd like those links to use

  • 24 - 72 hours later, the links are all in place and you get a full report

Dead simple.

You can build these links to as many or as few URLs as you like, and using as few, or as many keywords as you like.  All URLs and keywords will be rotated evenly.

Be Warned...

These are not 'Penguin Friendly' links.  If you point these links at your main site, you're doing so at your own risk.

These links are best used for:

  • Linking to YouTube videos

  • Helping to rank articles

  • Building links to your Web 2.0's (Squidoo, HubPages...etc.)

  • Linking to your existing links to help them get indexed

  • Linking direct to websites of yours you're happy to take a risk with

  • Easily and massively diversifying anchor text

  • Using to help push up your second tier links, third tier links...

  • ... whatever else you think of ...

These are bulk links delivered quickly, I'm not advertising these as quality links you should point to your main website, unless you're prepared to take a risk with that site.


  • What type of links exactly are these?

    These appear in the comments section of a blog page as a trackback linking back to your URL.

  • Are these nofollow or dofollow?

    The majority are nofollow but some will be dofollow.  That said nofollow links have been shown to still have considerable value for all types of link building.

  • Is the number of links guaranteed?

    You'll actually get over delivery by around 10% - 30%.

Order Now

Prices start at just $15 for 10,000 trackback links.  And remember I'll over deliver by 10% to 30%.

You can order here:

BUT - I'm offering three review copies to established members in return for a detailed review.  If you're an established member at this forum (been here 3+ months, have 50+ posts) feel free to submit the form but don't send payment, and then post in this thread letting me know you've taken one of the review copies.  Please choose the 10,000 link option for a review copy.

Within 24 - 72 hours I'll send you the report and if you could then please post a detailed review in this thread.
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