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The Internet Marketing Focus Plan - Get serious in 2012....

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The Internet Marketing Focus Plan - Get serious in 2012....
« on: December 12, 2011, 11:42:43 AM »
Do You Want Your Internet Marketing Business To Fail? (of course not…)

Are you tired of flailing around, trying to get focused and not making any progress in your Internet Marketing business?

If you are looking for a way to get your business focused and moving in the right direction – then what I have to offer you just might be the answer.  I have painstakingly put together a way to create a plan for your business – ON A SINGLE PAGE, and for a limited time, I am making it available for only $9 for members of JL Forums

Here's what you’ll discover when you sign up to get The Internet Marketing Focus Plan

- A clear and concise vision that will define exactly what your business is all about.

- A mission statement or Unique Selling Proposition that identifies what makes your business special – and why people should buy from you.

- A set of measurable goals and objectives to guide your business and keep you on track.

- A defined target market – who your customers are, or will be.

- Strategies and tactics to grow your internet marketing business that are tailored to YOUR goals.

- A cohesive plan that takes into account all of the parts of your business – and how they relate to each other.

And all of this will be on a SINGLE PAGE!

Look, I know that the idea of writing a business plan ranks right up there with getting a root canal.  Who has the time to create a 50 page document that just outlines what is typically just a bunch of useless fluff or regurgitated information. (I sure don’t)

But the benefits of having a plan for your business are obvious.

- More focus.

- Defined strategies and tactics.

- Measurables to track your progress or alert you to problems.

That is exactly why we developed The Internet Marketing Focus Plan.

I have worked with businesses large and small over the past 10 years on marketing, branding, sales, advertising and strategic planning.

And do you know what I learned?

Companies that had a defined and documented plan for their business consistently outperformed those that were just “winging it”.

In fact, I used this EXACT same system to turn around a failing manufacturing company ($500K loss to a $265K profit) in 9 months.

I worked with a client (Lean Consulting) using this EXACT same system to double the size of their company in 18 months.

And those are just 2 examples...

But I also have some comments from people in the IM world…

"Spending a little time with the Internet Marketing Focus Plan program will give you a lot more ROI than buying the latest SEO or "traffic" program. Quit chasing the 'shiny nickel" and develop a plan for success."

Saying "I'm going to do more business next year than this year" is NOT a business plan. Even though I believe that's about as far as 99% of IM marketers go.  And I don't think it's a coincidence that about the same percentage of IM marketers fail.   So what makes the other 1% different? How about the fact that they know what they are doing, and know when they need to get it done and how to measure their progress along the way.

You can fail without a plan or you can succeed with a plan, your choice.

The Internet Marketing Focus Plan is what you need to be in the top 1%. It's a well thought out and easy to follow system. The templates are worth the price of the program alone. This program will force you to stop being a "me too" marketer. You will see that you can't succeed by blindly copying exactly what other people have done, or are doing.

Take a look at every successful company and one of the things you will find in common is that they all have business plans. Why should you be any different?

- Ray Smith, Texas (Sold 2 of his businesses to a VERY large telecom company)

"By the time you finish the IM Focus Plan you should know what you are doing now, what you need to do in the future and your short, medium and long term goals.   If you are running an online business you will find this plan extremely useful and easy to implement..."

Although I have completed "business plans" in the past they have never really helped me get a grip on what my business is and where I see it in the future and, more importantly, what I need to work on NOW.

Often business plans are complicated to complete and too easy to file away in a drawer and forget about them.     That's where the Internet Marketing Focus Plan is different.   Not only has Rob created a plan that makes completing it a breeze; it's designed to be dynamic so it can change when your business direction changes.

The IM Focus plan is written in plain English and Rob provides a lot of useful examples along the way so you can get ideas on how to complete your plan.

Once you have completed the Assessment stage you'll find that you will be a lot clearer about your business direction immediately.

- LeeAnne King, the "WP Queen", Australia

"Everyone knows they need a plan, but very few know how to go about getting one into place. This changes the game for them..."

First, let me state that I really like this (IM Focus Plan) a lot. I think this is a great tool, and the thought and caring that went into creating it is obvious. This will definitely help people get focused and productive with an actionable plan.

- Ed Akehurst, Pennsylvania

I know firsthand how hard internet marketing is.  The distractions are endless.  However, if you have a plan, and follow your plan, your chances of success go up significantly.

For that reason, I am offering The Internet Marketing Focus Plan for only $9.00.  Why so cheap?  I want you to be successful.  I really do.  I know it has worked for my many clients, and I want to get people in IM to be more successful and productive.

So, buy The Internet Marketing Focus Plan .  Open it up and read it.  Complete the assessments.  Use the software. If after 15 minutes, you don’t already feel you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth, contact me and I will promptly and quietly return every penny of your purchase…no questions asked.

Your success is important to me...
 If you aren't 100% happy just let me know within 30 days...
 And we will promtly refund all your money.
 No questions, no hassles - it's that simple!

You risk nothing and stand to gain everything today.  So act now and get your internet marketing business focused.

As an added bonus, I have created a supplement to the IM Focus Plan to help you with the creation of your Goals and Objectives and your Strategies and Tactics.  If you order today, you get this valuable bonus at no charge!

As an added added bonus, I have a PC based software / application that walks you through the entire process.  Creating your plan has never been easier!  Order today, and you get the software too!

So, if you are ready to get serious, and treat your Internet business like a real business, then you need a plan.  But not just any plan – The Internet Marketing Focus Plan.  It will help you create a plan for your business on a single page that is all about your vision, your goals and your strategies.

To order, simply click on the Order Now button below, and you will be taken to our secure payment and download pages.

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