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Senuke XCR Lifetime License For Sale (Not available to the public anywhere else)

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I am selling my lifetime license to SEnuke XCr for $1997. Please note that I cannot sell it for any less as to do so would be breaking their TOS and could get the account banned.

That said, lifetime licenses are no longer available to the public for this software which costs $1297 a year and $147 a month so this is an amazing deal.

Senuke XCr is without a doubt one the best SEO tools on the market! If you don’t know what Senuke XCr is check it out here:


I must say the Senuke team have been amazing in helping make this sale as secure as possible for both myself as the seller and you as the buyer and this is a testament to the fantastic support they offer.

This is how payment will work as agreed with the Senuke support team.

1.   The buyer will make the Payment into my PayPal account. (selecting the I'm paying for goods or services option so you are covered)

2.   Once the payment has been received I will contact Senuke support giving them your PayPal email address (the one you used to pay for the software) and inform them the purchase has been made.

3.   The buyer will then submit a support ticket to the Senuke support desk via the email address they paid for the software with.

4.   The Senuke team will then remove me from the account and reply to the buyer with their new login details for the members/download area.

5.   The Senuke team will send me an email confirmation confirming the buyer as the new owner as well as listing the email address that was used to purchase the software through PayPal.

6.   Job Done – The buyer will now be the proud owner of the best Seo tool on the market Senuke XCr.

I only have one license available so its on a first come first served basis. To purchase click the button below. If you have any questions please PM me or email me and I will get back to you ASAP.

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