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PLR Extractor - my personal software with Master Resell Rights

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Have you ever thought that you can use your DOC or PDF ebooks to estract articles?
Then just load them into one software like BlogHatter and voilĂ !

Post them to your blogs and
make money with Adsense or affiliate programs!

This is the software that I have built for my Personal Use.
Who am I? I'm the owner of BlogHatter - software for autoblogging.
Now you can grab it and use it as I did to fill my blogs of great content.

Watch the video to see how PLR Exctractor powerful is...

PLRExtractor comes with Master Resell Rights

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Yes, if you purchase PLRExtractor in this offer, you get also the Master Resell Rights of the software. This means that the software is yours, you can give it for free to your friends, to your list or even you can sell it.

Do with the software whatever you want!

More, after you purchase, contact me (instructions on the download page) and I'll prepare for you a copy of the software with your ClickBank affiliate link for BlogHatter. Do you know what this means? If someone will click on that link of your personal copy of PLRExtractor and buy BlogHatter, you'll earn commissions

+ 99 ebooks with Private Label Rights!

Today, you have a chance to get PLRExtractor + a package that is broken down into ebooks with PLR you need to use in conjuction with the software until the end of the decade.

Yes, 99 ebooks with PLR rights... (i.e. you can do whatever you want with them)

Please take the time to look at EACH ITEM listed to see the full value (click here - sorry, but the list is so long that I can't add it to this forum post :) ).

Grab these ebooks! Modify them (you can because you can own the Private Label Rights) matching your own needs, use PLRExtractor to exctract articles and post them to your blogs.

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Get The PLR Exctractor Software with Master Resell Rights Now
99 ebooks with PLR

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I understand I'll be downloading the amazing software PLR Extractor with Master Resell Rights + 99 ebooks with PLR for a tiny one-time payment of just $8.90 when I act now! Right! Just $8.90

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You need BlogHatter
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