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If you view my ad and don't order, please help me understand why not so I can improve. Thanks

I don't really need any sites
They are too expensive
They are ugly
Not enough information provided

Outsource your Mobile Sites to me - POLL & INSTRUCTION VIDEO ADDED

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Outsource your mobile sites to me and charge your client as much as you like.

Or get a mobile site of your own that you can be proud to show off and as a sales tool.

Why you and your clients need mobile sites:

I create sites that are totally mobile compliant. You can see some pictures of a few style examples below:


There are more options in the back end of the site builder.  You can change the theme very quickly as seen in the screenshots.
When you change it in the backend, it is live on the site once you save it.  
If you order multiple sites, you have the option of having all your client sites under one dashboard for quick editing.
You will still need to order each site separately though to keep the billing straight.  If one cancels, we don't want to have to keep altering subscription rates.
If you are offering self managed sites to clients, they will each need a dashboard of their own.  

Below are the options for the site.

SET UP VIDEO (Tutorial on the Backend)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I will be happy to answer questions - I am on Pacific Standard Time.

Here's the deal:

There are Three options (first month includes backend setup as well):

Mobile Site Self Serve( $35.00 USD for the first month then, $15.00 USD for each month .) - I set up the backend, you or your client set up the site content and choose which pages - it is all point an click unless you want special html pages inside of it - the capability is there for advanced users.

Mobile Site with Personal Assistance on Initial Setup Only( $65.00 USD for the first month then, $15.00 USD for each month .) As above but if you want me to put in the information for you, I can do it.  No monthly edits after that though.

Mobile site with Personalized Support/ Monthly Assistance and access to me on Skype( $65.00 USD for the first month then, $35.00 USD for each month .) As above plus I will also help with a couple of monthly edits a month and give you access on skype.  

Please keep in mind that the support plans are cheap, so the hourly rate is not exactly stellar but I will absolutely help you get your client what they need.
I work full time Pacific Standard time so will be available most evenings, but not during the day.   Just want to be totally upfront with you.

If you want the install on - I need cpanel access to create the subdomain and create a CNAME or you can do it.  
You or your clients webmaster will need to install the redirect code if they want it to pick up the mobile site.  It is just copy and paste. The mobile site builds it for you.

If you choose a new .mobi site - you do not need hosting - I need access to the account to set up the CNAME and A Records or you can do it if you are familiar with that.


This will be the easiest mobile site you never built!

Talk to you soon
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