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How Much Are You Paying To Aweber?

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How Much Are You Paying To Aweber?
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:52:24 AM »

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Dear Members,

Today,we at EmailSender.Org are pleased to introduce to you

Email Marketing Services


Easy, Low Cost & Effective

This service has been created to address the 3 issues above

The idea to bring abit of freedom to email marketing was nurtured about two years ago and for the past 11 months,we've been working hard on this project.The last 3 months have been used to test and fine tune the service.

Now, it's ready for you. Now your email marketing freedom has come.

You can now build unlimited list size
plus send unlimited emails per month for pennies.Now, there's no longer the need to worry about going over your limit.The risk of increased monthly fees has been removed.

We find email marketing too expensive and some services too complicated to use.

We all know that successful online marketing thrives on big email lists. That’s why you may have heard internet marketers say,
”The money is in the list” .

That requires you to be able to build big subscriber base plus send emails freely to your subscribers with no limitations if you're to see the benefits of above statement.Make no mistake about this. The money isn't just in the list but also what you do with it.If contacting your subscribers is limited,so might be your business.

We therefore find it disappointing to see other email service providers discourage that.They apply limitations on email marketing by charging huge monthly fees for big email lists. They make you pay more monthly if your list increases. That’s wrong!

"Have You Had Your Email Account Shut down?

Deliverability Rates Falling?

Have they been months you worry you might go over your limit and be billed more?

New Rules and Terms of Service Crushing Your Business?"

We want to change that. We want to give you the power and freedom to take your business to the next level by providing you an email marketing service that is

Effective,Low Cost and Easy to use

Just take a look at the table above and compare prices

We call those price plans enemy to progress!

We believe that

Responsible Email Campaigns + Strong Relationship= Increased Business/Sales

Therefore, both email marketing and lists nurturing shouldn't be impeded in any way. Let that relationship grow so that in no time you may be able to convert your subscribers to active buyers.

Come with us....let's show you what we've got for you

And many more features...

Ok...earlier we said  we have rolled out this service to address 3 main issues we've found with email marketing,namely:

1) Cost of Email Marketing. Here's how


a) $1 Trial for 15 days, then

b)$18.95/month, regardless of list size and send emails

2) User-Friendly Interface, here we go

3) Effectiveness?

Let's show you results from a typical campaign done on April 14th, 2012. Total recipients= 3553. Over 98% of the campaign delivered...Awesome,eeh !

Affiliates' Invite

Our affiliates earn 50% monthly recurring commissions. Want that?

Register below


Have you got any queries? Please feel free to send any comments/questions/feedback/concerns to

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