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Keep Track of All Your Niche Sites with this new Site Management Software!

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Are You Trying To Keep Track of Dozens of Sites? Are You in the Site Flipping Business? Have to Manage Several Adsense, Amazon or eBay Sites?
Finally You Can Organize Your Full Business and Keep Track of Everything just using One Single Application!

Get Better Results as FREE UP Your Time!

Ok Guys,
I'm not going to waste your time writing a lengthy salesletter here. I'm sure you'll get the value of this offer right away.
So, what is Flipping Manager PRO?
First off, this is not only for flipping sites.
In fact, you don't need flip any site to use this software. It's a management software designed specifically for people who has to manage a number of sites in his/her business.
So, if you do adsense marketing, amazon marketing or any kind of affiliate marketing at all, chances are you have more than half a dozen of sites and YOU NEED THIS SOFTWARE!!!
In fact, if you've been in the flipping business, the niche marketing business or the affiliate business or even in the Offline Marketing Business for a while, you already know you need to keep yourself organized and on-track.
Unfortunately this is easier said than done, since there are many different pieces of information you need put together and keep track of in a daily basis.
Niches, sites, keywords, hosting accounts, WHM & Cpanel logins, earnings, prices, BINs, listings, screenshots, WP-Themes, plugin setups, clone files, and the list goes on and on...
I know that because I've been there. And I gotta be totally sincere with you: organization is not my main strength.
So, I had to do something, and doing SOON.
I built Flipping Manager PRO (as I said before: it's not only for flipping at all, but if you want sell some of your sites later, you have here all you'll need!)
Take a look by yourself....

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


I am the very happy owner of eBusiness Manager PRO,  a previous software creation of Leonardo.
Just taken his new software - Site Flipping Manager- for a test ride.
Leonardo has put together another winner that will allow you to be organized and efficient.
If you are active flipping websites or if you just have a decent inventory of sites &hellip; this will help.
You are able to keep track of everything in one place, which is a tremendous time-saver.
I am sure that this software will be sold on the open market for several times the price of this WSO.
All the best.  Ron

Don't you think it could make a difference in your daily routine?

I do.
In fact, it did a HUGE difference in mine.
Because of that, I decided to release this baby for you, my fellow warriors first.

What price it'll be launched at?
The public price will be $77 one-time.
But since this is a Special Offer you should be awaiting for a really good deal, shouldn't you?
I'm glad you are.
Just as you anticipated, I'm gonna give you a killer deal here and now!
Here it's:
You can get Flipping Manager PRO including all the features (this is not the Lite or Standard versi&oacute;n of it. It's the FULL Professional version. And NO, there isn't an Ultimate -sorry Bill ;-) for only...

Ok. I said it didn't going to be a long salesletter. So, that's it.
I really hope this new software can make you life easier and get you some additional free time. If I achieve that, I'd be really happy.
Thank you all for your attention.
Take Care,
Hi Leonardo,
I also bought the eBusiness Manager PRO and like the way it works. looking at this new software i think this will be even better for managing all the urls and sites I have. I have not flipped any yet (although sometimes people ask to buy them), so they will be all set out when I am ready to sell some.
I was just updating a bunch of spread sheets (very boring) but think this will be a real time saver in the end. So I have bought.
In the past I did give a bunch of sites to a VA to manage. Despite changing the passwords, all of these sites have now been hacked, so I don't like to give out too many logins and passwords now (i'm not blaming the VA but this is just what happened).
Thanks for a great solution to a real headache.


Any Guarantee?
You're TOTALLY COVERED for my 30-Day You-Love-It-or-Get-Your-Full-Money-Back GUARANTEE if you find this product is not for you FOR WHATEVER REASON IT COULD BE OR FOR NO REASON AT ALL.
So, what are you waiting for???

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