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Custom written article bundles, great for product based minisites

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5 articles bundle, Tier2 quality, Amazing price!

Hey guys, after the huge success of Content Infantry over the past 2 years on JL forum as well as other online forums and communities, we have decided to bring you a heavily discounted bundle of 5 articles that is perfect for product sniper style mini-sites. If you're doing even the slightest amount of seo these days, you'll know that ranking sites has actually become EASIER after all the smoke Google has been blowing in our faces. Jon himself has proved this many a times in last few months.

So without further ado, lemme just dive into what this bundle is about.

What you get:

  • 5 articles of 650 words each
  • All articles will be written at our Tier2 content quality (which sells on our site for $13/650w all day long)
  • All articles will have a catchy title to attract your readers attention
  • All articles will come with an attractive meta description so you can attract higher CTRs in the SERPs
  • All articles will be written with a neutral and unbiased tone, yet will be designed to push the user to buy in a subtle way
  • All articles will have calls to action to your affiliate product. We'll even link the CTAs if you provide us with your affiliate link
  • All articles will include subtitles and sub headings to break content into more easily readable chunks and to engage readers
  • All content is custom written for you and unique

$50 only
This bundle is heavily discounted at 23% off the regular price!

Who is this bundle for:
This bundle is perfect for SEO and PPC marketers who churn out these mini affiliate sites promoting CPA products along the lines of Acai Berry Select, African Mango, Wartrol, etc. These are just a few popular products, there are thousands of these out there in small as well as larger affiliate networks and many running their own programs as well.

Why this bundle is a good fit:
If you're building sites based on the model above, then this bundle is the end to your content worries. This content is written with only one goal in mind, to drive maximum CTRs to merchants with your affiliate links. If your content on these sites comes across as a cheesy sales pitch, then you won't make any sales. Today's web surfer is quite aware and informed compared to even a couple years back. Forget Google, you need to give quality reviews and information to YOUR readers so they can confidently trust your recommendations. This content will do that for you.

Why should you buy from Content Infantry.
At Content Infantry, we make 3 promises... and we deliver on those 3 promises... ALWAYS...

  • We give you great quality content
  • At very reasonable prices
  • And we always deliver on time

We have upheld these promises since the last 2 years of being in service and our customers have rewarded us with their love and of course, their continued business :D

When you order content with us, you'll get it back on time, without having to ask a dozen times and it WILL be better than what you'd expect to get at this price. And no, you don't need to take my word on this... Just check out our previous thread


Visit our website for dozens of testimonials and reviews! And if you want to be thorough in your research, just Google us :)

Don't wait on this, Google has made a habit of changing the rules every once in a while, right now... those rules favor this model if you're smart with your link building and your content. Order now!

Review copies
We've been on this forum for a long time now BUT this particular service is new so we're giving out 5 review copies at 50% discount. Just chime in here that you want the review copy and I'll send you a 50% discount code by by PM.

Re: Custom written article bundles, great for product based minisites
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 05:38:38 AM »

These sound just perfect for a new site I'm working on in a select niche market.  Please pm me the discount code.


Re: Custom written article bundles, great for product based minisites
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2013, 06:15:54 AM »
Hey Pat,

check your PMs...

just sent you the coupon :)


Re: Custom written article bundles, great for product based minisites
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2013, 09:40:25 AM »
I ordered a set of these articles for a very small, product based niche site.  This was my first time dealing with Asim and his content writers.  I have tried several other services and was not happy with the quality at all.

He delivered on time and they all were what I requested. There were a few minor grammatical errors, but overall a bargain for what he's asking.

 He has great communication and I have no hesitation in ordering from him again.

Thanks much!