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A Fully-Trained VA For Supporting Your WSO Thread 40hs/Week For Only $99/mo??

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Look At This!

Awesome Support Service
Launched On The JL Forums For The First Time Ever!

$99/Month WSO Support VA
8 Hours Per Day, 5 Days Per Week

Review Spots Available!

Would You Like to Have a Highly-Skilled, Well-Trained, Experienced,Intelligent and Courteous WSO Support Team Assisting You With Your Next WSO Launch...?


Fellow IMers,   

If you have ever launched a WSO before then you understand how unbearable tedious the task of creating a successful campaign can be!   

From getting everything right for the launch day to setting the price, configuring the buy buttons, setting the commissions, upsells, message to affiliates, testing everything out… You know..   

But is once everything is in place when the real work just starts…   

You’ll see yourself clued to your chair during hours and hours doing the boring, mundane task of sitting in front of your PC just waiting for someone to purchase or post on your sales thread. Let’s face it: it may be exciting at first, but pretty soon you realize how boring this stuff really is!   

As the stress grows bigger and uglier, you may find yourself not being in the optimal mental state to answer the questions posted on your WSO thread as accurately and politely as you should, what often ends up putting you and your prospects on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to sealing the deal.   

Your precious time, energy and mental resources should very well be spent on something more productive and profitable than sitting in front of your PC or even checking your thread from time to time, what only contributes to take away the PEACE OF MIND and FREEDOM that should come along with your WSO launch.   

After all, you did it to build a real “passive income” don’t you?   

“I’ve Been There!”

Yes, it’s true.

I’ve launched as many WSOs for me and customers of mine that these days I can do it pretty quickly, but nothing prevents me from having to waste my precious time monitoring each and every new WSO thread.   

And even when you stay 12hs online answering questions you’ll have to sleep eventually. Unfortunately no everybody seems to understand this simple fact and as the Warrior Forum is visited by people from every corner of the world –what should be great for your business- someone is going to need your help for sure just 5 minutes after you left your computer alone in order to get a well-earned rest.   

This means that when you’re ready again for a new boring and unproductive day in front of your computer screen you’ve already lost several sales. That’s the best scenario.   

In the worst one you’ll have to face pretty much anything from a bad comment to a big argument ruining your whole WSO thread!   

Have you seen one of your WSO’s ruined by one only comment? If you don’t, you’re probably a newbie or, at the very last, a really lucky person.   

In fact, I’ve sold off one of my more productive businesses and kept away from posting new WSOs for a while just because I desperately wanted to get this HUGE problem solved. I mean, if you’re supposed to be monitoring your WSO threads all day long you end up having no time at all to develop new products!   

Fortunately for you and me, after several months of preparation, testing and systematization I’m here to tell you that    you won’t have to worry about this issue anymore.


Enough is enough!

I decided to take the bull by the horns and hired one of the best VA Managers in the industry and give to her a very difficult task: she had to assemble the first WSO Professional Support Team in history! 

(Joke aside, this wasn’t an easy task. But we did it!)   

It took months of hiring, training, firing and retraining, but I’m really proud of the result…   



The Executive WSO
Support Team

A Professional Team Capable of SETTING You FREE
From All Your WSO Threads’ Back-Breaking,
Repetitious, Nerve-Racking Ongoing Management Tasks…


That’s right: we put together a group of professional, highly-skilled Virtual Assistants specifically trained to provide world-class, courteous, helpful and ongoing support for your next WSO launch.      

Take a look at what our professional Team can do for you in a daily basis.   

They will:

  • Exercise Uncanny Patience!
  • Answer promptly and courteously your prospect’s questions almost immediately
  • Increase the confidence of your prospects and the number of viewers of your WSO thread.
  • Help your prospects to make their mind and hit the Buy Button before their interest fizzles out.
  • Take special care of not ignoring or missing the important questions posted by your prospects.
  • Always reply to customers and prospects’ questions with RELEVANT, INTELLIGENT answers.
  • Avoid getting into any unnecessary confrontation with your clients or prospects.
  • Ask forum moderators to remove posts that violates the WSO section rules and can affect you or your product’s overall image.

But managing your WSO thread, even when incredibly useful, is only the tip of the iceberg.      

If we took the work of building such a Team you can rest sure we wanted they be capable of doing much more for our WSO launches –and yours- than only monitoring the WSO threads.   

Having a really professional support team can do wonders for your business in the long run, no doubt about that, but nothing helps if you don’t make sales, don’t you think so?   

So, let’s see what our team will do to improve your WSO’s chances of becoming really successful:   

  • Pre-Launch PR – We’ll write a special PR for your WSO launch and send it out. This should get the ball rolling and help you get the first sales and affiliate applications.

  • Ongoing PR Management – Once a month we’ll write a completely new press release for your WSO to boost its exposure.

  • Press Release Submissions – We’ll distribute your press releases to hundreds of PR sites. This will help your offer to get ranked in all major search engines attracting more costumers.

  • Web 2.0 Backlinking – We’ll leverage some of the best Web 2.0 platforms to build some extra juicy links for your WSO.

  • Social Bookmarking – We’ll bookmark your WSO using a selection of the best bookmarking services.

  • Twitter Buzz – We’ll create some buzz around your launch and re-tweet your offer throughout the month.

  • Keep WSO Alive Service – We’ll keep your WSO thread alive by providing prompt responses to your prospects and customers and writing some on-subject posts to re-kindle the conversation whenever it’s required.
That’s Awesome But..
How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?


I’m sure you understand the real value of this service and how much it can do for your business. VA services can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to highly-specialized jobs like this one.

However I invite you to keep reading. I guarantee the price I’m going to throw at you as a fellow warrior is going to knock your socks off!   


“Less Than a Dollar an Hour?”

Quite amazing, I know, but it’s totally true. During this launch, at least

You see, we want to become the warriors’ first and preferred WSO Support Team and to get there we need serve you at our best and get the best kind of testimonials we can.   

So, this is one of those rare WIN-WIN situations where both you and us can benefit. BIG TIME.   

And I say BIG TIME because you’re not going to be required to pay the full $350/mo bill this professional service cost.   

I know $350 is a drop in the ocean for the peace of mind our team can provide you. Just a few sales you won’t have to loose would pay for it.   

Even so, I wanted to launch our service with a deal so awesome nobody in his mind is willing to miss.   

So, here it is:


Only 10 Review Spots AVAILABLE!
WSO Support Plus Basic Promotion
(Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30-4.30 PST)

$69 First 30 Days
($99/mo after that)

Remaining Spots Until This Special Offer is Closed:

I hope to count you in really soon. 

Have an AWESOME Day!   

Leonard Schwartz
The Executive WSO Support Team   

PS: Even if you already have a VA on your own I think you can’t say “No” to this proposal. Where else are you going to get a fully trained support and customer-care VA monitoring your WSO thread and taking care of your customers’ needs 40h/week for only $99/mo?   

But hurry up. This is only an introductory offer and I guarantee you it’s not going to be available forever…

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: If I purchase now, when the service is going to be provided?

A: Our service starts the next business day at 8:30 PST provide no other instructions are given for the customer. Of course you need to assign the WSO thread you want us to manage.

Q: There is a Refund Guarantee?

A: Due to the nature of the service that involves REAL HUMAN LABOR we can't provide a refund guarantee so please consider that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

We know we are the best around and we work only with reputable Warriors who believe in the quality of our service.

That being said, we're professional business people so if you're not fully satisfied with our services we're open to hear your comments and make what's needed to provide you the kind of service you are expecting.

Q: How Many WSO Threads A Subscription Is Valid For?

A: Each subscription is valid for an unique WSO thread. However, you can take as many subscription as you need (*Subject to availability)

Q: Can I Switch The Service To Another WSO Thread?

A: Yes, you're allowed to switch the service to another WSO thread of your election once a month.

Q: What are your Working Hours?

A: 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. PST Monday to Friday.

Q: How Do You Provide Support?

A: We'll reply to all posts on your WSO thread within our working hours (see above).

We will also use our proprietary WSO Promotion System to create buzz and traffic to your thread. This involves using Press Releases, Web 2.0 sites and leveraging a few of the very top highly trafficked sites in the world.

Q: Will I Get A Full Report Of This Ongoing Promotion Activity?

A: No, we will not generate any kind of report as we don’t want our special techniques to fall into the hands of our competitors.

Consider you're paying our staff for supporting your WSO thread and not for promoting it. We will launch this WSO Promotion Service as a standalone service at $99/mo in a couple of weeks but we'll throw it in for all warriors who take this Support Service during this launch FOR FREE!

Q: How Would You Know the Answers To Our Customers' Questions?

We'll ask you to fill in a questionnaire which would pretty much give us the answers
to the questions that are most commonly posted on your WSO thread.

Beside that, if you're a WSO seller you already know most of the time people post the same questions without reading the full thread where they've already been answered.

Don't worry: keeping track of all your answers and replying nicely to your customers even when they're asking the same question that have already been done 20 times before is our job...

Q: When Will I Get This Questionnaire? Is This Going To Be A Long Boring 20-Page Document?

A: It will be sent to your PayPal email within 24 hours after payment is made.

And No, this is only a 2-page questionnaire that covers the basic things we need to know to be able to provide support to your prospects and customers. We’ll deal with the rest of the issues as we grow together.

Q: What If The Question Is Unique And Your Team Doesn’t Know The Answer?

A: We'll email you right away if we need some clarifications or get a question we don't know the best answer for. This way we'll be able of providing a better support to your prospects and customers the next time around.

We are going for a long-term ongoing working partnership with you so, the extra time it would take to learn about your business and build the necessary knowledge database is definitely worth it for us.

In fact, we prefer to work only with serious IMers who wish to set an ongoing WSO Support Team for their existing and future WSO launches.

Q: Will You Provide Support To My Customers Though My Own HelpDesk On Top Of The Support Given In My WSO Thread?

A: No. This could be added in the future as a part on one of our advanced packages but it's not included into the $99 Starter Package.

Q: I Already Have Our Own Support Team. How Can My Business Benefit From Your Presence?

A: It is always handy to have another reliable support personnel in your team, especially when you can get a professional VA specifically trained for the WSO battlegrounds for the ridiculously small investment of only $99/mo.

Now you can get a REAL edge over your competitors!


Q: There Is An Affiliate Program For This Offer?

A: No, there is not. We want to provide you a world-class service at the best price possible so, unfortunately, we can't afford paying to affiliates.

But I'd really appreciate your investing the time to spread the word about this service. We can't pay you an affiliate commission but we'll work hard to get better and better at providing you this unique service. Help us to keep going..!!

Any Other Doubt? Just ASK!

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