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ATTENTION: Traffic seekers and Internet Marketers...

"Do You Want To Know The Fastest Way To Master Advanced Article Marketing Methods With One Measly Article That Will Explode Your Website Traffic On Auto-Pilot?"

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From the desk of: Phill MacDonald
Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you've ever banged your head against a wall trying to figure out why you're not getting traffic with your article marketing
and tried every article directory on the planet then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read...

But first...

If you're like me, you've probably...

Bought every "how to make money on the internet" program under the sun.
Only to find out almost all of them are a complete waste of time and money.

• Become sick and tired of all the gurus telling everyone how easy it is to "get rich
overnight" especially when you've been trying for years with little or no results!

• Been given advice from so-called "experts" that either flat out didn't work or
produced pathetic results. Obviously they keep their best secrets to themselves!

Bottom line is this: If you've tried to make money on the internet with article marketing before...
but failed miserably — then stay here and read this letter, because I've got some great news for you!


"Hard Luck" Internet Marketer Finally Discovers How To Do Article Marketing Right With The Least Amount of Effort"

Stick with me because I've got a special offer for JL Forum members today and FOREVER

Just like every other "non-guru" Internet marketer on the net I was banging away at my computer for
12 or 14 hours straight trying to figure this thing out, and like you I've been through every course imaginable.

From ClickBank super guru promises that say you'll make thousands by the weekend, to major Warrior Forum launches.
Then I thought to myself, "All this reading and training has to stop, I need results

...But before I get into my heroic story of how I found this "Secret System" - there's been so much 'mis-information'
on Article Marketing, I thought I'd better clear that up for you first:

Myth #1 - Article marketing is dead, and it's not coming back, right? Wrong! No matter what any guru tells you,
Google and the other search engines still want good content and they'll always need it.

Myth #2 - You can just blast a spun article to 1,000s of article directories and you'll get tons of traffic and backlinks.
In a way, if you do this the wrong way you could get banned by Google, but if you do it right you'll still get low quality
backlinks at the most...More on that later.

Myth #3 - Just take a bunch of PLR articles for any niche you wish, stick your keywords in there and blast them all over the net.
Once again, you're putting your trust on articles that have been duplicated thousands of times on the Internet,
even if you spin them, to help you with traffic and sales...It's so much better to write them yourself,
or have them written fresh for you.

"No Long Drawn Out Puffy Sales Letter Here"

I'll get straight to the point and drop all the typical long drawn out "salesy" writing, if you're like me you don't have time for it,
so I'll just tell you the name of this beefy course and what's in it.

Introducing:Article Traffic Explosion Commando

If you ever wanted to take one unique article you have, spin it, then in turn get MASSIVE amounts of traffic from
just that one article then you need to take advantage of this course and special deal I've got for you today.

Don't take my word for it, look what other marketers had to say about this beefy 10 video course

Well here's my review.
the Article Traffic explosion consists of 3 parts which
consists of main videos,bonuses and resources
from my view there seems to be great content shared her

The main video consists of 9 modules which is nearly
two hours of content which cover every aspect of
Article Traffic Explosion.Great content and tips shared here
There is also a pdf version of the complete blueprint of
Article Traffic explosion which is short in length but
very compact in content and covers all the steps you
need to do article marketing.He enlisted a step by step
flow on how to implement it and makes it very easy to
my suprise!!Even a 80 year old grandfather can clearly follow his guide!!

In the resources he shared a awesome list of resources
which will help you make implement this sooner than later.
A golden list which covers every important tool
both paid and free which is essential in making your
Article Marketing a success Thumbs up here as he
helps sort out a list of outsourcers to help us get
started immediately.This is worth the WSO itself!!!

There is also bonuses which is very useful for me
and contains some golden nuggets here.Useful and of
great value I see I can't wait to finish indulging these
resources and add this to my money making arsenal.
For under ten bucks This is definitely a no-brainer and
contains content of great value.! I suggest you grab
this and stop procrasatinating and take action.

Can you achieve 1000 hits to a website in under 14 days?
Yes,I see why not if you follow properly and implement it accordingly.



Or By Another

Many thanks to Phill for allowing me to review
Article Traffic Explosion.

It has taken some time and, to be honest, I have
not worked through everything as yet - that will
take some time as Phill has not held anything back
here. This is jam packed with pure content.

The main section of this course consists of just
under 2 hours of excellent video. These range in
length from approx 5 minutes up to 17 minutes in
length, and are packed with valuable, need to
know information for anyone serious about article
marketing. There is also a pdf which is 12 pages
to augement the videos.

There is also a Bonus section, which itself has
a further 110 minutes of videos, along with a number
of other materials which add additional excellent
value to the overall package.

As if that were not enough, Phill has also included
a Resource Section, which is more than worth the
price of this package on its own. This includes
all the free and paid resources required to impliment
the course, including some excellent items I had
not heard of.

The course is extremely well presented, there is
no fluff or filler, this is hours of pure valuable
knowledge. The methods used in the course are not
difficult, and some are well known, but some are not,
and how Phill uses some is ingenius.

I would suggest that this course is way under priced.
It does not matter if you are completely new to
article marketing, or have been doing it for some
time, this course is a must have for everyone.


Here's What's Inside This Massive Video Course

  • How to write an article of your own in 15 minutes - no matter if you can't write for the life of you,
    and a resource that helps you write any article you choose in 10 minutes...
  • The easiest software to use to spin your articles Right,
    so you don't trip off search engine Alarms.
  • How to multiply & expand your article efforts using other sources to get better quality backlinks -
    than just the normal low quality directories.
  • A Free software that takes your article and blasts it all over the world with "Quality" backlinks that
    the search engines will love - This is Slick Rick stuff.
  • The exact low investment resources I use to make the whole process 3x Faster -
    No more paying through the nose for high paid resources.

This hard-hitting intense course includes 11 core videos with a core PDF manual, giving you everything step-by-step so you can go out and get an explosion of traffic to anything you promote.

PLUS, you get 4 high-powered bonus videos and 5 Ebook bonuses (with tips, techniques and strategies that can make your article traffic explosion that much easier), gold keyword research, Wordpress plug-in setup with PDF manual, slick backlinking trick video and easy backlinks video.

For this JL Forums Special Offer You'll get the whole course for just $7.95

Plus My 30 Day No-Questions Asked Love It Or Hate It Guarantee!

Try the Article Traffic Explosion course for 30 days. If, after you put these proven article traffic methods to the test and try them for thirty-days, you find that Article Traffic Explosion hasn't helped you get massive traffic to any offer you're promoting, simply email me up for a no-hassle refund.

We'll part as friends...And you'll get to keep all the cool bonuses

Take Control of How Profitable Your Article Traffic Can Be — Starting Today!

Think about it. Where will you be a month from now? Will you still be struggling to make online marketing work, while competitors who are web marketing savvy steal business from you?

Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of thousands of visitors flooding your website and making money, automatically, while you sleep?

I've gone through the pain of figuring it out. So you don't have to.

Don't pass up this opportunity. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just hit the Order Now button below.


Phill MacDonald

P.S. -- If after using "The Article Traffic Explosion" you don't think it's one of the best article marketing video courses you've come across... if you're not certain that you'll be able to explode your traffic simply by applying a few of the ideas you learn... you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price any time within a full 30 days after receiving it. No hassles. No questions asked.

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Why do we need to spin articles ?

Your order links take me to some membership site called sentry that costs $4.95. Why?