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SEO – Linking Inner Pages Method Pro/Cons

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SEO – Linking Inner Pages Method Pro/Cons
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:39:24 AM »
 ??? This question is for all of you SEO Gurus and Experts with real life experience. For SEO benefits only, is it better to “link” to your inner pages directly from your Home Page or from your Sitemap page? For example, if I publish a 50 page website, should I show the links to ALL 50 of my inner pages on the Home Page or should I only show the links on the Sitemap page only. What are the pros and cons as it relates to SEO (i.e., Page Rank and more importantly higher individual page rankings). Again, this question pertains ONLY to which method will provide better SEO benefits. This is not about linking to other websites and blogs, I get that.  ???

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Re: SEO – Linking Inner Pages Method Pro/Cons
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2010, 10:10:34 AM »
You need a sitemap to make sure Google can find all of your pages, but it's not necessary to link to every page from the home page.

What IS important is that you get links from OTHER sites to those inner pages.

Re: SEO – Linking Inner Pages Method Pro/Cons
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2011, 03:31:44 AM »
It is not necessary to link all your pages to home page. Instead you can prepare sitemap and put all links in your sitemap. Also it is really beneficial to build backlinks for inner pages as it is good way to indexed your site in search engine. Another benefits is inner pages get ranked which ultimately help you to increase your site traffic..

Re: SEO – Linking Inner Pages Method Pro/Cons
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2011, 06:46:51 PM »
IMHO. Build a static HTML sitemap for humans and use a Google XML site map for there purposes. I've tested sites without static sitemaps using only .xml versions and ALL my pages got picked up. Specifically I did this with a gaming review website and the results were nothing short of astounding. No B.S. top 5 rankings in under 3 weeks. The sitemap alone didn't achieve this, but it was the only thing I tried that went outside my normal practice.

Internal links are important in my book. One thing I do is on each page I put a link using that pages main keyword(s) string on the bottom of each page directed back to the home page. In the copy of each page I use at least 2 links pointing to 2 other pages within the site using the keywords of that page.

What I've found is I get more double listings using this. Try it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.