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Targeting City Geo-tags/Keywords for Clients with Multiple Locations

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Hey everyone! What methods are best to use for SEO campaigns working with 1 website for a company which has 2, 3, 4, or more locations in order to get keywords for their services to rank well... in all their location cities?

I feel we know the answer could be any one of the below notes, however, it's always nice to learn more about what all you other SEO's are doing or have done which saw success.

Please note:
> We have heard about building microsites on sub-domains example
> We have heard about building sections off the root domain such as
> We have heard about just pushing more content to the blog which can target a wider range of keywords and cities
> We have heard about building a new site for each city location replicating the main website and swapping out content for 100% originality
> We have heard about just building more and more backlinks with different anchor text using the cities in the anchor text

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from some other experts facing these same challenges!