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Google penalties and STEPS & Information to get out of one...

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Hello everyone,

I am just looking for some ideas on google penalties  and what has helped you to get out of one. My one website has tanked HUGE in the search results-as a result my adsense has plummeted.

I actually think my website is over optimized and that is the main reason.


I have NEVER received any Un-Natural links warnings from google in webmaster tools - BUT I did notice that it shows 2200+ links from a website called xmeta (looks like a very low quality website)

Should I be removing or disavowing these links from there? 2200+ from the same domain seems odd - there are also a few others which show over 1000+ links from the same domain.

Do you think I should be removing these links? I used to rank like a CHAMP for many many keywords-however I can't find my self for any keywords anymore. ( webmaster tools shows my ranking for many keywords to be postion 130, 230 etc..etc)

Here's what I have done so far:

1.) Made sure only 1 H1 tag per page -these pages then would have H2 and possibly H3

2.)I have tried to eleiminate many erros using W3C validator. *This included me changing the doctype and cleaning up many empty tags and greatly reducing the errors. (hopefully this helps with speed of the website)

3.)Eliminated reciprocal links (all but 3 I believe. Cleaned up non-related links.

4.) Cleaned up 99% of all broken links on website -there were ALOT!

5.)I am nofollowing any affiliate link or banners

6.) I have redirect 301 any links that have changed

That is what I have currently done...I am looking for more ideas. I have found a few pages that were duplicates-I removed these. 

I have a few pages that appear to be less than 'ideal' quality...(eg.) 1 page is a list of clickbank products relating to the topic of this website which is a Educational Theme.  Should I remove these? I think it would make sense......?

Something else I wonder about:

I have many pages that are labeled for example: blahblaactivities1.html, blahblahactivities2.html, blahblahactivities3.html, blahblahactivities4.html, blahblahactivities5.html

I wonder if they should be redirected to URLS using more descriptive-relative- url names?

This maybe better from a SE perspective - no?

*Does anyone have any experience with Google penalty or have any input to offer on this post??

Please comment with your thoughts..and Thank you in advance!

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Re: Google penalties and STEPS & Information to get out of one...
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2013, 09:59:53 PM »
I think the very first thing that must be done to is to isolate the problem, what causes your pages to go down.

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Re: Google penalties and STEPS & Information to get out of one...
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2013, 09:18:40 PM »
Google usually penalized for low category link. Links should not be spam, the website on which you are posting your link shouldn't to spam and shouldn't have less page rank. If you want get out of this, remove all the low category links, and start posting on relevant websites.
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Re: Google penalties and STEPS & Information to get out of one...
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2013, 02:20:03 PM »
You stated you have looked at your back links.  I don't know how you did it so I am going to explain how I do it when I encounter the problem of a site suddenly tanking, as your site did.

The first thing I would do is analyze the back links of the site using  Sign up for a free account with them as that will provide you more detailed information. (you may have already done this.  This is for other members as well who might experience this problem.)

Then type your domain name in Site Explorer and click on the go symbol.  This will bring up a page that tells you about the back links for the domain name.  Scroll to the middle of the page where you see a pie chart of your link text.

Check to see what percentage of anchor text are your keywords.  If you have an EMD (exact match domain) you should not have more than 10% of your anchor text the keyword of your domain.  If you are ranking for multiple keywords then then the EMD keyword should not exceed 10% and the other keywords should not exceed 30% each. 

Actually if I was trying to rank for multiple keywords I would not have the anchor text more than 10% for any of the keywords.  Use LSI keywords and the url for other anchor text links.  ( or as the url anchor text)

I would have at least 10% of the anchor text to be meaningless words such as Click Here, Visit This Site, Look Here, etc.

This might go a long way curing your problem.  I have found that when one of my sites take a nose dive it is usually due to a problem with having too many keyword anchor text back links.  Correcting this usually fixes the problem for me.

Last November I had one of my sites that had held the #1 position for five years disappear from the rankings. Like you it was an HTML site, not wordpress.  I found it at #288. 

When I looked using to look at it I found that somebody had added 50,000 links from 50 junk sites to it using my main keyword as the anchor text.  The site normally had around 2000 back links to it.

I used the disavow tool on these 50 domains to remove them.  Three weeks later the number of back links on the site dropped to 789 (which was lower than normal) but the site had returned to #3.  This is lower than the #1 I had held for five years but it is much better than #288.

I will work on building good back links to the site again and expect to take the #1 position back again in a few months.  My keyword anchor text is still 16%, which is too high.  So I need to build more back links with random anchor text on them.

And yes, I think I know who the bastard was who did it but I can't prove it.  He tried to buy the domain from me last year but wanted it for a fraction of what it appraised at.  He told me I would regret not selling to him.  I ignored him and two months later this happened to my site.

So regardless of what all the "experts" claim, negative SEO will now work against your site when done by an expert.  You can recover from it but it takes work.

Re: Google penalties and STEPS & Information to get out of one...
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2013, 06:24:48 AM »
I recovered my sites that were hit by Penguin updates. I know they are hit by Penguin because I did not change my content and now they are ranked back to page 1 in Google.

I did not do any disvow thingy nor check all my "bad" backlinks. I figured that Google will discount these links so all I did is to concentrate on building  quality backlinks to rank my sites back.

And you may not be surprised, Article Builder plays a BIG part in bringing my sites back. :)