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iNeedArticles / Re: Customer service rep not responding for over a week!
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:05:22 AM »
@Andrewwilson WOW! You are so right " I cheaped out" on an article for not paying extra on an article about "advantages of using a professional home cleaner" what was I thinking?!?! I should have thought more in depth about this and realized that paying extra for a 4-5star writer was not enough, I should have paid more for "research" as well... Thank you for your insight! Now with your intelligent response I should be happy to throw away that money and just order a new one!
You see, it is not like getting another for free unless I used both, it is paying twice as much for one...... Lightbulb moment for you? Or in your mind paying twice because of a poorly written article is fair?

iNeedArticles / Re: Customer service rep not responding for over a week!
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:31:52 AM »
It is not insulting is YOUR take on it...

I guess I focus on the article because that is what I or my client are not happy with... The article is NOT well written...

Oh... I guess I should have paid a 4-5 star article writer to do research on "advantages of using a professional home cleaner" lol!!!
I understand there are different levels of quality and that is why I paid extra for the 4-5 star article... 

I will have to go back as I do not recall once you asking for where the grammar mistakes are...
Not once have I said I wanted her money back, I have said I would like the option of getting a better-written article!

And yes customer service and your opinion have everything to do with it, as myself and my clients' opinion obviously do not matter to you...

iNeedArticles / Re: Customer service rep not responding for over a week!
« on: February 04, 2017, 08:43:43 AM »
Firstly it was not about saving money. Nice one!
Why I even had to go to a forum to get a response finally is another issue. I have used the service before without paying the extra for the 4-5 star writer and had a much better result.
That is an interesting take on what you offer...
I thought what you offered was quality written articles for clients, that include myself and my client, that they are proud to display on their page... Insulting the people that she is trying to get work from in the first of the article seems a little off. The quality in itself is another issue, I can fix little things even though I should not have to since that is what I am paying for, but the actual article is NOT well written... read it again, maybe this time out loud... it sounds like a grade schooler wrote it. For a 4-5star write to even have one grammar error is another issue in itself.
This in not about getting money back, it is about customer satisfaction, whether you or your rep "likes" the article should not matter, I would think what the customer/client thinks is most important whether you think they are being reasonable or not... I think rejecting an article over what comes across as insults to potential customers, feeling it was badly written and grammar mistakes is not being unreasonable...  it would be nice to see an option to reject an article, that is not liked...

iNeedArticles / Customer service rep not responding for over a week!
« on: February 03, 2017, 03:19:10 PM »
I requested a 4-5 star written article for a client a couple weeks ago for her website. When I got it back it was not very well written and with grammar mistakes. Neither I or the client liked the article. I contacted customer support about how to reject this article and how to get a new article, after a couple emails the person replied that he/she did not see any issues with the article. Since then, I have sent several emails for over a week with not one response, hence why I have had to come to the forum now instead... Has anyone else had this experience where the "customer service" opinion is more important than the clients!?!? Any suggestions for the next step? The amount of time this is taking is ridiculous...

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